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A lot of novice friends are preparing to pick up a new purple sand pot, will encounter your favorite pot, but with a lot of concerns, for example, is the pot I bought all handmade purple sand? Is it worth it? Is it breathable? Whether it is easy to produce plasmosis, and other factors are included in this list. Here are some of the most important things you care about when buying a purple clay pot http://chinaclayteapot.com/h-col-107.html In terms of priceThree conditions determine the price factor:1. The level and skill of the master of the pot, the author's calligraphy art.2, the process and difficulty of making pots.3. Selection of potting mud.Craftsmanship1. It is not necessary to circle around the mold and the tool. In the final analysis, the mold is also a tool. When the rib cage type is made in ancient times, it is shaped by the mold;http://chinaclayteapot.com/h-col-107.html2, specifically to see what pot type, some pot type is also the same exquisitely made by hand, it is more rhyme than the whole handwork;3, the hand-made pot is far harder than everyone imagined, the strength of the hand-made pot made by the artist who is not in the heat, etc. is far from being semimanually made, and it is not in place in terms of type regulation, even if it is Today's sttelevel craftsmen, senior workers, etc. will not say that a handmade pot is a finished product, and many times it has to be reevaluated after it has been mad

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hi just been in contact with gbshopp and they have changed there email address to gbshoppingdirect@gmail.com

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Just wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get a loaf of bread like the classic white sliced stuff you can get in England, something to make a decent bacon sarnie out of ?

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Hi all,We are getting married in Beynac this May and are looking for staff to help serve drinks etc. We are wedding caterers ourselves in the UK and are bringing out our chef and event manager but just need another pair of hands to help out on the day.Any help appreciated! Even if it is just a youngster looking for pocket money.Date: 27th May 2018Thanks!

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Any ideas where to get large bottles of water (15-20 litres) for a water cooler near Bergerac? 

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Hi, Im hoping to get married next year on the 26th May 2019 at Chateaux de Monciaux in Perigord and wondered if anyone could recommend caterers that are willing to travel to the area or based near by. Ideally don't want to spend over 40 euros a head. Looking to have 80 guests. Thanks in advance, Faye 

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Does anyone know where one can find British Christmas puddings (to buy) within say 45 minutes drive from Ste Foy la Grande? Helpful replies only please.

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Hello, does anyone living in or near Sarlat know if the market will,take place as I believer November 11 is a public,holiday . Many thanks. Stan. 

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Last year I posted to invite any people who  have not made arrangement for Christmas Lunch or were on their own over Christmas, to please join my Husband and myself for Christmas Lunch at the L' etampe de Gasconne Restaurant at Allemans sur Dropt 47. after many silly comments we haD a group of 7 people join us and had a wonderful Christmas Lunch great atmosphe and good company.I am now posting again, so far there will be 11 people who have booked with me   for Christmas Lunch, so  if anyone would like to join us, please PM. All the group will hopefully meet up in a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Menu is good for 32euros per person.  Those who are not interested, please DO NOT COMMENT.   Thanks,

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Can anyone help me with good strong flour to use in my Panasonic breadmaker.   Made fabulous bread in the UK, but not here!!    Must be the flour - any suggestions please as I miss my English toast.thanks

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Thinking about adding a really informal baking session here at my property....late spring...early summer.French and British style baking interesting.Well equipped kitchen.We are in 33890 so if you are interested can we chat.clos des saveurs. fr  0557474233.

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We have two olive trees in containers in our courtyard which are full of olives - some now black. I'd like to try processing some myself, and I've found several techniques on-line but just can't decide which to use. Has anyone here ever done their own olives with success, and if so, what did you do? 

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I have peeled, cored and diced some quince (not an easy job!) resulting in 3kg of fruit. Put that into our steam juice extractor with 100g of sugar per kilo. Steamed them for a couple of hours and obtained a couple of litres of juice. I plan to make that into quince jelly. We had some of the left over pulp (which we have always thrown away before) with creme fraiche. Very nice. The rest I plan to try and make into crystallised fruit.There are plenty of the fruit around at this time of year. People don't seem to use them as they did. There are some nice recipes online. 

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Hi Everyone, .......Well I am back again asking all you lovely people who would like to join my husband and I at the E'tampes Gasconne Restaurant, Allemans sur Dropt 47800  for CHISTMAS DAY LUNCH.  Those people who spoke with me last year and were unable to join us for previous Christmas arrangements, I hope you will be able to meet up with us this year.  Last year because i left it late to post, we did have 6 people join us, and we had lovely time, we actually were the last ones in the Restaurant,    SO if you would like to join us, please let me soon, I have l already had come couples ask to join us from FB. I would also like to bring your attention to the New Years Eve Celebrations near Monsegur 33580. ... details have been posted on he EVENTS PAGE...Under Music/Entertainment.  Many of you might think that the NYE celebration is expensive,, but just stop and think, if you want a really good evening, where would you go, there are not many places that can offer .... The Venue ... beautiful Chateau, with Live Music from a fantastic Swing 5 piece,....                  . Great Special  4 course NYE Buffet with full Service including Wine, Sparkly and Coffee, plus some little suprises, Raffle. and a great Ambience........ LAST YEAR..... I remember I received many nasty comments from Angloinfo members, so PLEASE IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN JOINING US,  DO NOT COMMENT and put the dampers on the Christmas and New Years Eve Celebrations.  

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Does anyone know which spices make up Mixed Spice and in what proportions of each spice.

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Has anyone found either genuine,  sweet, Silver Queen-type variety or a local tolerable substitute?  Thanks!

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Will one of you more experienced Francophiles tell me the name of a good cheese to cook with.....similar to cheddar, I'm struggling hereMany thanks Loraine

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just had an email saying that steak hache have been withdrawn from quite a few supermarkets due an e coli warning - areas ianclude landes, gers, lot et garionne, haute pyrenees, pyrenees-atlantique

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HiDoes anyone know where I can get large bottles of water (around 20l) for a water cooler/dispenser?ThanksAndy

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Hello, I'm near Bergerac. I'm looking for some local free range chicken. My local Bio Shop doesn't stock it. Does anyone know of a local farm producer or good butcher please?Many thanks

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