Christmas puddings

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Does anyone know where one can find British Christmas puddings (to buy) within say 45 minutes drive from Ste Foy la Grande? Helpful replies only please.

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French Heel 1512604024

Hi Oasis,

How about trying a Delia Smith recipe?

Two weeks ago I made my usual Christmas Cake by following her recipe. It has nothing to do with my cooking ability, just slavishly following her instructions. It make s a great cake and all of the ingredients are available here.

Apart from suet (which I assume that you can get from a butcher) all of the ingredients are available here. She even offers a gluten free recipe.

Just a suggestion. I hope that it was helpful.

Happy Christmas whatever you decide.

beejay33 1512605741

Try here, give them a ring and ask, they are in Eymet

OrlandoGibbons 1512632874

I believe that the English  stall on  St Foy market sometimes has them.


oasis 1512636353

Many thanks for your replies and private messages which give me good suggestions.

StBart 1512974938

Got ours from the English grocers in Eymet. They have two sizes plus mince pies.

dtrog-121908 1513335057

Hi Oasis,

There is a English Stall every Saturday morning at Villereal Market. He sells homemade pies & pastries ( which are very tasty),also cakes. And when I went last week he had a selection of homemade Christmas puddings & mince pies.

Hope this is helpful

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