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To add more info from previous topicWe have up to12 boxes only and one small wicker babies crib to get back to uk Louth Lincolnshire from Allemans Du Dropt which is 30 km south of Bergerac can anybody helpthank you

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Can anyone recommend a company that can clear a container at Bordeaux Port and then transport it to the Sarlat area please?  thank you

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What a shame that the new owners of this once highly active website have been content to let it die, and do nothing (that is apparent)  to re-activate and promote it!!They could start by culling all of the years-old postings, that merely tell potential new participants that this is an inactive site, dead in the water.Come on, management - get the ball rolling!  

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I like to look at the classified ads - never know when I might want, or need, something that's just been advertised.What I find frustrating, though, is that on several occasions I've responded to an advert for an item I'm interested in, send an e-mail and receive no response.Then the person who has advertised item has responded several days later to apologise and state that my e-mail hadn't been seen because it had ended up in the 'spam' box...!!   Oh scream, scream, scream.Now why should an e-mail, through this system, end up in someone's 'spam' box ?And why, if people are advertising something, aren't they switched-on enough to check 'spam' box .Frustrating;  couple of occasions when something I've really wanted I've missed - simply because my e-mail has gone into 'spam' box.    Wish there was a way this 'problem' could be highlighted to advertisers when they are putting items up for sale.    Along the lines of 'Responses to your advert might end up in spam box - please check'..................Or is it just my bad luck !!!

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I posted an article yesterday which provoked some comment. Thank you for those comments, both negative and positive. I could have chosen my phrasing in a better way. It was really intended to let others know (those perhaps new to the forum) that it is possible to serve your community if you've a mind to, as long as you are registered to vote here. You can only be a Maire or deputy Maire if you are a French citizen. It annoys me also that there are those, who seem to enjoy having a dig at others, picking them up on many things such as their use of Capital letters or their inability (in their opinion) to use the search facility properly, when, I have found it very difficult to find an article that I knew was there. It annoys me that people pose a question on this forum and are then shot down in flames by other members. I like a bit of banter, but would those people be as rude to another person face to face? We can't all be perfect. I have found this site to be a useful source of information in the past, but less so now.  People come to a site such as this in search of information and sometimes friendship.  Perhaps there should be a permanent separate topic thread on the left sidebar for those that consider themselves to be part of Section C below:- fo•rum (?f?r ?m, ?fo?r ?m) n., pl. fo•rums, fo•ra (?f?r ?, ?fo?r ?) 1. the marketplace or public square of an ancient Roman city, the centre of judicial and business affairs and place of assembly. 2. a court; tribunal. 3. a. a meeting place for discussion of matters of public interest or a means through which such discussion can be conducted, as a newspaper. b. a public meeting or assembly for such discussion. c. a discussion of a public issue or other serious topic by a select group, as of experts or specialists, esp. a radio or television broadcast for this purpose. [1425–75; late Middle English < Latin: marketplace, public place] Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Hello Friends We hope you are well!We are looking for genuine volunteers for our charity in DordogneWe also can provide live in accommodation for some special volunteersPlease contact us to know moreMany thanksAll best wishes

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With AngloINFO's permission the forum "rules" were relaxed on Dordogne as an experiment a while ago but increasingly there are comments about posts that are critical and unhelpful. So, there is a choice here: 1. Forum administration goes back to being tough on posts which ignore the forum rules found here: http://dordogne.angloinfo.com/forum/generalrules/ and unkind and disrespectful posts are removed. Some might feel that they can say what they like and ignore the conditions that apply to the use of the AngloINFO forum as set out in the link but perhaps others might welcome more moderation? 2. Members try to be less negative and respect not just the forum rules but other posters. I do not believe free speech is an excuse for unkindness. It is up to you.....please let me know your views. They will be respected and acted upon. Hazel  

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Hi Everyone, My name is Ken Clarke and I run a specialised cleaning business which at the moment is based in Guildford, Surrey. We have been visiting France and in particular the Dordogne area for over 20 years and hope to make France ( Le Bugue area ) our home in the future when family commitments allow us. I am hoping to offer my services to Agents, Gite Owners and Home Owners etc.. a couple of times a yearat the beginning and end of the letting season. We offer: Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning. (No Drying Time) Solvent and Detergent Free  Upholstery Cleaning Tiled Floor Grout Cleaning Mattress Sanatising Specialised Fabric Protection We can also clean and protect natural products such as Coir, Sisal and Seagrass amongst other services. All work is Insured and Guaranteed. If you are not happy, you don't pay. We've been established for ten yearsand have a number of household names as clientssuch as Faberge, Tiffany's, medical Centres, Bespoke Hotels, National Trust and Blenheim Palce. This is nt to name drop but to show that we are a professional dervice with high standards. My Questions to you are: Do you think there is a call for this type of business in the Dordogne area? Will most holiday accomodation owners require the service at the beginning or end of the season? I will obviously place an ad on Anglo Info but are there other cost effective ways to advertise in the area? If anyone would like to contact me ref any questions please PM me I look forward to your comments and hopefully encougemeant. Kind regards, Ken Clarke.  

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HiCould anyone please recommend a engineer who could install our freesat box. Area 24700Thanks in advance 

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HiCould anyone please recommend a engineer who could install our freesat box.Thanks in advance 

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Who is eligible to access food banks in Eymet ?

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What benefits are we allowed to claim from the french government if we are pregnant?

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I no longer use the email account I registered with & have looked all throught the MyAngloINFO to change this. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Many thanks

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Thnking aloud as I do....very often.. Do not let Anglo Info Dordogne die!Sell, buy and tell us all about forthcoming events. Try to engage others in sharing ....whatever happened to the Gardening Clubs? Cake decorating classes for the kids and lots of musical events bringing artists in from all over the place to add to the fun of fetes. But please no anger and no bullying. We came to France to be happy,      

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It is so frustrating and annoying when people ask a question or ask for information and think that everyone knows what they are talking about!!! (eg - see 'Zones' under Financial & Legal) There are AI rules and regulations for responding to postings and, if not applied, get deleted but there are non which explain how to ask a question!!!  Maybe Admin or someone could suggest or give guidelines, please? Many people forget to give their location or the name of their nearest large town, some even give inches and feet in a metric country, others forget to say they live on the border of XXX and XXX (they should be permitted by AI to post on both regional sites) etc. This is not the first and it won't be the last but why don't Original Posters think about who is going to read their question before posting? Most questions are asked in the emotion of the moment of desperation but, for goodness sake, think for 5 mins or sleep on it and then ask your questions which require the basic information so that people can help as near to the facts as they can. There is no member edit facility on here but there should be one or a priority deletion button with the reason from AI if they don't understand either!. The OP could then re-phrase and re-post with a simple, clear, maxi, precise, fully-described public question on how/when/why/wherefore instead of giving other essential information half-way through the 'discussion' which changes the whole subject. This would also avoid mis-information and the situation of 'helpful' or knowledgeable posters, with their time-consuming research and answers, frequently being accused of being 'off-topic' and then being deleted through no fault of their own!        

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Hi My son (British citizen) aged 18 who is a university student in Bordeaux  applied for French citizenship a few months ago after living here for ten years and finishing his bac in France. He is a fluent French speaker.  We provided all of the correct documents.  Parents provided tax returns (income about 40,000 per year and no benefits) and proof of him being a university student. He was interviewed in Bordeaux. Three months later he was rejected on the basis that  he did not exercise a professional activity or resources sufficient for his existence.   The letter states that under article 44 of decree number 93-1362 of 30 December 1993 'l'autonomie matérielle est une condition importante pour l'acquisition de la nationalité française". If students can make applications for citizenship, how can they be rejected for not working? Does anybody have experience of children who are students making citizenship applications?

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Hello,Please delete if not allowed. We are hopefully moving to the Dordogne in September from the U.K, all being well. Does anyone have any recommendations for a removal company that also has a storage option.Thank you in advance 

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My new neighbour, a gendarme, has put 17 chiens de chasse in a cage just 33 metres from my property. They howl and bark day and night and wake me up at all hours of the night/early morning. I'm unable to sit peacefully in my garden and the commotion is untenable. The smells from the dog waste is also unbearable in the evenings. The neighbour has acres of land yet refuses to move the cage. I've written RAR to the maire; the prefecture (3 times!); the SPA twice and to my neighbour's superior at the gendarmerie head office including copies of photos of the dogs in the cage, GE images and copies of the Arret 2006  - all without response/action.  This gendarme is clearly breaking the law which stipulates that all kennels should be a minimum of 100 metres from any neighbour. 3 of the dogs also roam around unsupervised and come into my garden and chase my cats. He has no fence around his land and the cage (kennels is too grand a word) has no roofing or proper flooring. Moreover, the arrival of the dogs has devalued my property and I would probably never be able to sell it anyway.  Any suggestions as to what more I can do to solve this 'nuisance sonore' would be most welcome.  Many thanks!

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Can anyone recommend an installer of septic tanks in the Villereal area?  I've heard there's a companycalled DCG Consultants run by a David Giles somewhere in the region but cannot find the contact details. Thanks!

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Hi everyone, we have been building and renovating houses in the U.K/France for 40 years now semi-retiring with one last project...  but as we are new to this area, we are going to need guidance and help, with our project, we are looking for a sympathetic registered company who are happy to work along side us to help source supplies, and help with the construction.    The site has full planning, water drains and hopefully temporary electric soon.   Dept 47430  please let me know if this is something you may be interested in.

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