Adult reqd to escort a 14yr old to Stanstead 2/8

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Hi, Help, does anyone know anyone who is travelling to Stansted tomorrow from Bergerac on the 1420hrs flight as we cannot confirm our daughter's friend's flight,. as she is under 16 unless she can have a name of an adult she is travelling with. She is quiet capable of travelling by herself, but needs a name for the conformation. Would be extremely grateful for any assistance. She drove back with us last week for a holiday and her mum had booked her as an adult to fly back. Monflanquin 05 53 49 48 93

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What did you do?

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Thanks for all of the replies. Unfortunately, none of those that offered to help were travelling at the same time, but we did have offers for other days. In the end we put in an older date of birth and obtained the boarding pass. As a belt and braces, my wife asked a group at the airport if they could escrot her through and they were more than happy to do so.

The daft thing is, she is travelling on her own to Canada in two weeks, but can't fly Ryanair to Europe! Flybe would have been ok as their age limit is 14.

Thanks again. Caroline & Paul

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