advertisers not responding to e-mails because e-mails end up in spam box

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I like to look at the classified ads - never know when I might want, or need, something that's just been advertised.What I find frustrating, though, is that on several occasions I've responded to an advert for an item I'm interested in, send an e-mail and receive no response.Then the person who has advertised item has responded several days later to apologise and state that my e-mail hadn't been seen because it had ended up in the 'spam' box...!!   Oh scream, scream, scream.Now why should an e-mail, through this system, end up in someone's 'spam' box ?And why, if people are advertising something, aren't they switched-on enough to check 'spam' box .Frustrating;  couple of occasions when something I've really wanted I've missed - simply because my e-mail has gone into 'spam' box.    Wish there was a way this 'problem' could be highlighted to advertisers when they are putting items up for sale.    Along the lines of 'Responses to your advert might end up in spam box - please check'..................Or is it just my bad luck !!!

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I don't know what's going on with Angloinfo but I'm unable to post anything or to reply. I also note that there are no replies to posters!

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its all up the left 

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