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Thnking aloud as I do....very often.. Do not let Anglo Info Dordogne die!Sell, buy and tell us all about forthcoming events. Try to engage others in sharing ....whatever happened to the Gardening Clubs? Cake decorating classes for the kids and lots of musical events bringing artists in from all over the place to add to the fun of fetes. But please no anger and no bullying. We came to France to be happy,      

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castletown 1418230779

I was not aware that the demise was imminent, is this a fact or merely pie in the sky?

joeyannfred 1418235476

I have noticed recently that AI Dordogne isn't at all 'busy' niether is AI South aquitaine while AI Charente does seem to be the busiest of the three. The only reason I look at these three is that I have property in the Deux Sevres and the Landes so I am either interested in whats being said or sold or wanted in this area. 

I understand the concern pie in the sky has but it may be just the seasonal low that occurs at this time of year, one hopes.

pie in the sky 1418236317

AID could be more lively in general.

At this time of the year....should be buzzing with events.

Plans being made for 2015.

Perhaps there could be a team of people elctived by HM to

inject a little spice into the mix.

It could be a really interesting site.


Pie in the sky...

Look at the meaning ....perhaps.


castletown 1418239072

What leads you to assume that I do not know the meaning?

GWD11 1418240849

Pie in the sky: I think you have missed the main usage for AI.

There' a reason it's nicknamed Aggro- Whingeo... It's nothing to do with having a jolly time and  stuff: it's a platform for whining about how awful France is: how to break the law by running round in unregistered, illegal British cars, and working out how to get "proper English food" delivered to France by Tesco.

If it's quiet, it's becausevtheyv whiners are back in Good ole Blighty for Xmas, or locked away in their cold houses to whinge in private.

AI is not supposed to be fun, for gods sake! if you make a Post with a joke in it, it gets deleted by admin immediately......

I'll set my stopwatch now......


pie in the sky 1418241238

ouch....I did not say that you did not understand the meaning...

But it does sort of means "reaching out for something that probably never can be"

So there we are.

castletown 1418241901

Quite right Pie, there we are indeed.

GWD11, Thank you, I thought I was all alone out here lost in my forest of deleted posts. What did Janice say......



joeyannfred 1418243776

I'd have a whinge, but it's too cold, and of course I am in Blighty for the winter, so I'll get me coat.

hazelL-M 1418244253

No, AngloINFO Dordogne is not dying!

I took a look back....

November: 153 new discussion topics 1,064 total discussion postings and well over 2,000 Free Classifieds
October: 144 new discussion posts 958 total discussion postings and again well over 2,000 Free classifieds

What's On guide: 663 current/future events and 94 added in the last week alone.

Last month over a million page views.
 If anyone wants to contribute to a community blog - be it recommending places to eat or to visit or even to talk about upcoming local events the offer has been made before and the door is open....
By the way, there certainly is a sense of humour on Dordogne - I need it to cope with the brick-bats!!


joeyannfred 1418245311

I for one think that ALL bats should be protected including brick ones!

Fish24 1418246418

This is my own personal opinion and subject to discussion and correction as I have no-one to answer me when I talk aloud, pie in the sky!!!  Hope you and yours are well..

Some years ago, AI Dordogne was one of the most sucessful franchises, together with the longest running, ruled Brittany.  It was full of good (and a few bad) discussions, mis-information, directions given of where to find French law in black on white, intelligent and stupid questions which made interesting reading, provided a few laughs and a few exasperated sighs but very few questions left with no replies.

As time went by, the un-initiated learnt to understand and speak a little French and were able to sort out the good posters' advice and experience from the bad and began to understand the French people, their characters, their priorities, etc. but it took time and I hope they are more understanding and settled in France.

As far as I have understood, a franchisee does his/her best in setting up their 'business' BUT, in the end, it is the franchiser who calls the tune.. At the beginning of 2014, I noted that there was a change on the IT technical management side and also the top gun but I find that some regional SW forums appeared to have changed.

Those wise 'oldies' (about 8 regulars)  probably 'exasperated' or 'deleted for known/unknown' reasons, have disappeared into thin air, got themselves expatriated to the Middle East or UK or gone else where to express their frustration and miscontent!!

The new 'sages' (some oldies under a new name) still read AI,  still learn, and occasionally participate.  When one has been called to order, sent to the back of the class or tapped on the fingers by the faceless powers-that-be, it has an effect which reminds me of my own school days.

Hazel has been one of the best but remember that 'Admin' has had many new changes, faces and policies trying to keep up with the Joneses and a local Moderator is not an easy job.

It all depends on what spice can be bought in 2015 as I see that it is months since anyone has mentioned the word 'curry'.


What day is it? 1418252461


pie in the sky 1418287874

Just to say that I came here to France for different pace of life .....however, not to fall asleep during

the day.

Fish 24 and Hazel you can recall that my time in London was frantic chefing and managing

a restaurant.

Curry ....well I prefer to talk of Indian Cuisine which was to be part of a weekend presentation

at a chateau near Duras. The idea was to set up a posh tea shop ....Ritz style with the cake

stands and tea pots. Cooking class sessions in the massive kitchen and a fashion show in the

ballroom. A young friend of mine designes flowy gowns and has a team of models and puts on

a great event with the backing of recoded music or harp.

Well hard to set up but I could have done it but the chap who offered me the use of the chateau

was, infact not the owner.

This is something which could be done with the help of others.

IT  was an adventure to look forward to and to be organised along side

our buisness.

I know how many people love the flavours and the memories of Indian

cooking and I am in touch with the management of my 2nd fav restaurant

in London.

They were ready to discuss dates...infact we had discussed dates.

I have thought about other venues....

Still thinking.

The day I stop thinking is the day when I fall asleep.




George's girl 1418307371

Ah I see the Pie made from Farine n'est ce pas....

if you look at many other local Forums ( Forii ?) , they all have their active, and less active moments. I have been out of action for a couple of days, and since then the number of new threads started is amazing.

pyladune060941 1418385140

I was just thinking the same thing Georgies girl,could it be?

GWD11 1418406545

If you want to use the Latin plural of Forum it's Fora...

However, as it is a word that has been adopted into the English language, then it is equally correct (and now actually more correct) to use the English plural, forums



George's girl 1418408035

Thanks GWD, but I was actually joking. My grammar is still OK even if I only ever speak French these days. 

GWD11 1418413302

Just adding to the general jollity.....



Sola178 1418413960

I got a slap on the wrist for my Latin input into your frog and toad tax, GWD. Apparently it was off topic! Hope you get away with your Latin lesson.

What day is it? 1418415768

Has anyone mentioned curry?

Just trying to spice things up .......

....... and keep the thread going!

Fish24 1418425436

I have noted an annuel AI event up North and should have gone looking for an answer but didn't.

H - Could you tell us a little more about an AngloInfo Exhibition or something? held up in Brittany or Normandy from memory?  Probably a lot of work but would everybody down here join in?

Long time ago, I proposed an anonomous drink get-together in either Bergerac or Périgueux but only 3 people kindly replied and were interested.  However, you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink!.

Pie's lovely interesting project described above, died a natural 'death' as I don't remember ever reading about the proposed contents as it came over as rather 'secret' something but combined with an Indian Cuisine experience and not everyone likes Indian Cuisine but that is because they have never tasted delicately spiced Kashmiri dishes with almonds, creamy yogurt, coconut milk, etc. which we had as an expat camel's years ago

AI forums won't die but it might, and has, become mundane Q and A with 0 or 3 replies with not much chance of Discussion topics.  I have never forgiven the deletion of my posting concerning 'Common Sense' which, from memory, was only left in by South Aquitaine!!!!

There again, as H points out, it is up to you, (within AI UK limits), to put  some spice in or onto the Dordogne forum.  The new sub-title of Property, and soon, Jobs, will expose other criticisms as we don't live on the Riviera.  The French advise not to 'melanger les torchons et les serviettes'

As I am not an expat, I shan't be voting for 'Best Expat Website' but I am looking forward to seeing the UK comments from AI Head Office on the results and the interpretation of the statistics.

Bring on the Egg Nog in moderation.


cab47 1418427019

Maybe its symptomatic of the large numbers of people who have returned to the UK since the crash and there is no new wave of people moving over who need to ask for help & advice , also there are other forums . Some of which are more fun  / chat based  aimed at English speakers living in France.


pie in the sky 1418458838


From school days till now my grammar and spelling have danced around the pages

and, this will never change.

Mock if you have nothing better to do.

It is sad.

I think that Anglo Info Dordogne could be even better than it is.

Hazel has laid the foundations and it is up to you to bring more to the scene.

Yes, In a way I fetl that I have to move in secret to avoid those devoid of the

sense of adventure.

It is true that many of you do not seek the same ventures which unite music

with fashion and fushions of  great food I have met little interest or support.

This is nothing to do with France or the French.

Whatever happened to the gardening club?




pyladune060941 1418459976

Welcome back pie.

pyladune060941 1418460097

Shoud have said,welcome back flour,sorry,I meant flower.

pie in the sky 1418471304

well thank you....

If only in jest......those words of kindness.

You all know who I am but who are you?
What be great if you could all uaw your real names?

What day is it.....well less than 2 weeks befor christmas and less than 3 weeks

to a new and eventful year.

Making new friends, finding fun things to do....



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