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On the subject of fuel oil for UK sourced boilers and  Aga's etc. I have established that Kerosene (or 28 second oil as it is still widely known) isn't available here from the bulk suppliers. However digging a little on the net yesterday I became intrigued by the Pétrole (Lampant)/Combustible de Chauffage product (sometimes also appears as CLAMC) which is everywhere in bidons of 20lts and available at forecourt pumps in some supermarkets. It translates apparently as parafin (possibly a misnomer) or kerosene. It certainly looks like it might be '28 second oil' in disguise, has anyone got to the bottom of the subject? If it is the same or very similar it must be available in bulk from somewhere for Leclerc to offer it at their pump.

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Fish24 1359100677

Thanks, Woodgrain,

I have been transporting 3 empty bidons for over a month in the boot of my car.  The aim was to find if and where CLAMC might be available at a pump!!

I use about one a week as heating 'd'a point' and got fed up paying the prices ask by supermarkets, etc. I 'phoned around the local wholesaler suppliers of petrol, oil, fuel, etc but only one gave me a lead and told me about CLAMC and I haven't been to the other town (30km) to find out more.  They did say it would probably be at one of the older petrol stations but I suspect that the bidon sellers are making a good profit and are certainly not interested in investing into a pump. (Maybe there is a safety rule regarding transport in the boot of your car).  On the net, I could only find distributors in the Paris area!

I vaguely remember someone posted that it was in the Eymet area and it that it has a red handle. I live up in the Périgord Noir and am fed up with taking the empty plastic-type bidons to the dechetterie place, not to talk about the disposal means and it cost about 20-22€/lt against 25-34€/lt!!!!.

All those interested (or not), would you all be kind enough to look or ask at your local petrol station, if and where this is available? PLEASE!!!!  All searches for economy would be welcome as I have a ZIBRO petrole heater (note it is 'petrole' and not petrol)and a lot of volume to heat (+ gas central heating) and need, as Woodgrain, PETROLE COMBUSTIBLE DE CHAUFFAGE à la pompe.

We would certainly be more than grateful for any help so thank you in advance.

Tiny-122611 1359106384

Intermarche Bergerac.

Right at the round about with the big Mercedes garage 500 mtrs on the right .

On the very left pump.



Tiny-122611 1359106441

Sorry 500 mtrs on the Left ,you can not miss it.

Fish24 1359123454

Wonderful, Tiny, and do you know how much it is/litre?

Fish24 1359127081

Bingo!! I've just phoned through to Intermarche.  They say they are the only ones.  Yes at 1.22/litre so my next visit to my daught in Bergerac will fulful two purposes.

Very many thanks!

Woodgrain 1359135817

I am delighted Fish24 found what he's looking for, now thats over , I would still like to hear from anyone with knowledge of the technical equivilence or otherwise of the product with Kerosene or 28 second oil.

Tiny-122611 1359144608

Google it.

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