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I have bought and sold many and varied items on Angloinfo over a number of years, recently I have posted various items and not even had an enquiry.In the past items were posted and  sold with in 24 to 48 hours . I realise that a lot less postings are on, in the past I put items on in the morning and by lunch time they were at the bottom of the page and 24 hours later they were on page 2/3 so a lot more listings than now.Basically my question is where are people posting, buying and selling items ? Is it all due to the site changes and are there a lot less people using the site?

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Melou 1486053198

You have come up with the acid test as to whether or not the relaunched Ai site is functioning. It plainly is not. 

The new management team overlooked two key elements in their business plan when they focused their minds only on a high-tech, highly optimised, new website - firstly, don't launch a new site until you have tested it for functionality and user friendliness; and secondly, never forget that building site traffic (ie us users of the site) is the way you will bring your advertisers more business in response to their ads on the site.
Instead, one can only imagine that these paying advertisers are having exactly the same experience as you, Birdy.

French Heel 1486053820

Arguably, the site is not as easy to use as it was in the past. Generally however, for us old farts, change is not a good thing. I don't find it do easy to sell items. I find that frequently photographs won't load, or you cannot change the size. I am getting used to using this new format, but we have moved to selling items via leboncoin, mumsinfrance and the Facebook one, pre-owned in Aquitaine. It may well be that by naming alternative sites to sell items, that this post will be reported or pulled. I would rather it spurred on those that run it to cure the problems. From going on several times a day, I have dropped to that amount per week.

susanrussell 1605023741

Me too .I find it extremely frustrating .I just can’t find items I have posted or maybe they never get posted ?

It takes ages to find “Postings”

Please change it fir the better .


sue Russell

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