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Hi Everyone, My name is Ken Clarke and I run a specialised cleaning business which at the moment is based in Guildford, Surrey. We have been visiting France and in particular the Dordogne area for over 20 years and hope to make France ( Le Bugue area ) our home in the future when family commitments allow us. I am hoping to offer my services to Agents, Gite Owners and Home Owners etc.. a couple of times a yearat the beginning and end of the letting season. We offer: Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning. (No Drying Time) Solvent and Detergent Free  Upholstery Cleaning Tiled Floor Grout Cleaning Mattress Sanatising Specialised Fabric Protection We can also clean and protect natural products such as Coir, Sisal and Seagrass amongst other services. All work is Insured and Guaranteed. If you are not happy, you don't pay. We've been established for ten yearsand have a number of household names as clientssuch as Faberge, Tiffany's, medical Centres, Bespoke Hotels, National Trust and Blenheim Palce. This is nt to name drop but to show that we are a professional dervice with high standards. My Questions to you are: Do you think there is a call for this type of business in the Dordogne area? Will most holiday accomodation owners require the service at the beginning or end of the season? I will obviously place an ad on Anglo Info but are there other cost effective ways to advertise in the area? If anyone would like to contact me ref any questions please PM me I look forward to your comments and hopefully encougemeant. Kind regards, Ken Clarke.  

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Hello, Ken,

This a reply from a French private person in the Dordogne (Sarlat area) and no gite nor other commercial business, etc.

Among my widespread French family and aquaintances, I know of no one who has carpets (fitted) but some rugs on tiled or wooden floors. (I have had upstairs and in the bathroom for the past 27 years but moving the heavy beds and furniture would be a problem for the cleaning team)

Upholstery - in general, washable covers or modern 'buffolo' type leather ('wipe and feed' type)

Tiled grouted floors - yes, everywhere (mine could do with de-capping)

Mattress sanitising - not in their customs nor habits

Specialised fabric protection - idem as not a priority

No one with coil, sisal or seagrass - too expensive in France


I am sure the  majority of British (private and gites) will be possible clients because that is in their way of living but the French market remains a query.

However, I wish you the very best but make sure you have a Plan B.


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Hi Ken,

Great idea, the chances of the French using your services would be slim as previous poster wrote.

But the upside there are alot of Gites and House rentals run by British expats,so you may have something to offer,as long as you don't rely on this being a big earner.

Keep up the research and good luck!

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Good afternoon, thank you for your reply and I take all your points on board.

The information you gave me will help me make a educated decision on the scope and limitations of any work that may be available to me.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to reply.

Kind regards, Ken.

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good on you and best of luck 

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