Do I need to be in France on 31st December ?

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Hello I was hoping to go to the UK in December. My husband is a key worker and I’m on the extremely vulnerable list so he stayed in the UK. I’ve not seen him since March. I have just received my residency card, I applied last year on that temporary website. Do I still need to be in France on 31st December, in order to retain the rights and protections etc. Or is that for those who haven’t applied / moved yet. Genuine apologies to if I’ve missed a previous conversation on this subject. I did search but it’s easy to miss things. Thanks ever so much Amanda

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Hi Amanda

You don't need to be in France - or anywhere in particular. You have done what you need to do. 

You are mixing up the regulations for people who want to come to live in the EU - they need to have an address by 31 December. You already qualify.

So you can enjoy getting back with your husband - and the delights of Brexit!

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