Firewood recommendations and prices near Sainte Foy or Duras or Eymet

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HiLooking for dry Firewood suppliers along with good pricing near Sainte Foy, Duras or Eymet.Any help or recommendations much appreciated.Regards

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French Heel 1515415295

If you have a sawmill near you they will often sell off large tied bundles of off cuts of all types of wood for about €12. There will be about a stere in the bundle. You will have to cut it to size, but it's cheap firewood.

paull 1515416251


Just need to find a sawmill now.

Any other recommended suppliers from anyone else that I can explore.

Tridome charge approx 60 euros for a cubic metre.

French Heel 1515428286

Have a look in the yellow pages for scierie. There are plenty in the book.

KenC 1515491523

We live just one mile outside Duras and we use Joel LABAYSSE at Dieulivol, phone  06 78 08 88 23 or 05 56 71 90 32. We buy oak and whitebeam cut to 50cm lengths and delivered to us. Another place you could try is at La Sauvetat du Dropt. As you approach Sauvetat from Duras, just as you enter the village there is a seller of wood for fires on the left with a big sign advertising the business.

Beware of burning "any old wood" especially pine, since the risk of chimey fire is increased due to the resins that deposite themselves in the flue pipe. We know many folk who burn pine off-cuts, but it is not a good idea unless you are fastideous about regular chimney sweeping.

paull 1515492341

Thanks for the info.

Much appreciated

chèvrefeuille 1515492795

Don’t forget that the winter is not the normal season to buy wood, that tends to be in August/September. 

Pine gets a bad press, there are many places where it is the staple firewood.

Alcamp 1515615694

Burning pine is not a problem yes it burns quicker, but mixed with a bit of oak you will experience proper heat from your stove. I come from Scotland and all we burn up there is pine as oak is nearly £100 a m3. There is also a good wood supplier outside Somensac on the road to Eymet or try

hog.hedge 1515622881

maybe it depends on where you lived alcamp we burned ash and oak and it wasn't that expensive 

paull 1515623870

Just found a new supplier in Lauzun who supplies Oak @ 60 Euros per Stere.

Saves me foraging.

Anthony-Lafferty-957225 1583683148

Hi Paull

Do you have the details of the supplier in Lauzun?

Angela-Hope-973407 1601893434

try the local yellow pages for your area 

Wendy-Brighton-973406 1614073541

Winter is coming make sure you stock up on wood and coal 

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