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Hi My son (British citizen) aged 18 who is a university student in Bordeaux  applied for French citizenship a few months ago after living here for ten years and finishing his bac in France. He is a fluent French speaker.  We provided all of the correct documents.  Parents provided tax returns (income about 40,000 per year and no benefits) and proof of him being a university student. He was interviewed in Bordeaux. Three months later he was rejected on the basis that  he did not exercise a professional activity or resources sufficient for his existence.   The letter states that under article 44 of decree number 93-1362 of 30 December 1993 'l'autonomie matérielle est une condition importante pour l'acquisition de la nationalité française". If students can make applications for citizenship, how can they be rejected for not working? Does anybody have experience of children who are students making citizenship applications?

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you should speak to the local mayors office they will have this information to help

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