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Dear all, I am wanting to buy a gun of some sort (not Air rifle) as we have quite a large plot of land "Full of Rabits", and they are taking over the land and the vegetable patch. Can anyone advise me of the official laws on buying a gun and using a gun on your own land in france without an official gun licence.If you can help with my request or advice please email on my personal email hands4hire@orange.fror post a reply to this post,Many thanks in advanceSteve

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Chrispy-108529 1302477314

The gun laws are very strict in France as in England.

Firstly France has a law against silent weapons and you are not allowed to kill any animal with an AIR RIFLE or a silenced fire arm.

Second rabbits are classed as game and can only be shot in the hunting season

Third you need a hunting licence to shoot any animal permitted to be killed by the law.

Hunting law is taken seriously and infractions can and do result in custodial sentences and large fines.

Steve Conway 1302477730

But do you need a licence to buy one or is it just a licence to use one?
If I need a licence how would I go about getting one?



aburnett-113540 1302483176


have just gone through the whole procedure for bringing in my gun from the UK. Even though its a shotgun (used to be active in clay pigeon in the UK) officially you still need a license to own one. Have been told by many that this isnt the case, but would then ask why when i brought it over and went to the genderme did they inspect it, check the serial number and my UK and international permit against the gun and then send me to the prefecture? The prefecture again inspected all the UK paperwork, filled in some more asked me to sign it and a few weeks later my firerms (shotgun only) license arrived.

I found the whole process very simple, but that might have been because i already had a UK license. For a full firearms (Rifle) license the procedure is very different and involves courses and involvment with the chasse. Others can explain this better to you than I can.

Further to this I would like to add that if you have no experience of shooting chances are you are going to get yourself into trouble very easily. I would exhaust all other avenues before you go this route. I know for a fact (my neighbor is a genderme) that if i discharge my shotgun on my land it it likely that I will have a visit. For it to be legal you would need to be a member of the chasse and also have your land registered with the chasse for hunting - and the poor little bunnies would need to be in season as well. A lot cheaper, easier (if you havent shot before chances are you arent going to hit the poor rabbit unless its in the middle of tucking into your prize carrots) and less dangerous for maybe a small fence around the area you dont want nibbled? Or a dog, they are usually a pretty good deterent and further more you wont have to walk it as it be getting plenty of exercise - and food maybe.


Steve Conway 1302509202

Many thanks Al,

No problems for me with the shooting as I did a three year apprenticeship on a farm and used 12 bore most weekends down at the clay pigeon club on the land but never got a licence.
We have 3 dogs, all areas fenced in but the buggers are still getting through, also they are digging up my lovely lawns.
Do I need a licence to buy a gun?

Chrispy-108529 1302510994

If you go into the gun shop the armurier will fill in forms for the prefecture. You will of course need proof of identity and address. The real issue is that you are not allowed to shoot rabbits unless you have a hunting licence and it is in the official season.

Pod-110723 1302516457


Take heed of the advice given. If shots are heard outside of the season you can bet your bottom dollar you'll get a visit from the police. As advised, go to the gun shop and start the procedure for buying your gun then get a licence to use it. I asked a member of the hunt about this and he told me that if anyone buys a gun it's followed up to ensure they have a licence to own and use it. Otherwise, the question of 'who would buy a gun if they didn't intend to use it' will be asked.

monster1340 1302539645

Speak to the Marie and ask them to class them as a pest on your land once you have that you can then trap them or shoot them. Do not shoot or trap without permission or you will be fined usually (quite large) or put in prison. Speaking to your local chasse might be a good idea

clavelle 1302545412

Aburnett has the right idea: when I came here, the previous owners and all the neighbours said that I would have no chance of growing vegetables cos of the millions of rabbits and no chance of growing peaches or other fruit trees cos of the deer (they had had terrible trouble and I saw the previous damage done by the deer). My retired greyhounds have made sure that I have not seen one rabbit, apart from one they caught, and I have never had sight of the alleged legions of deer in my field. I almost never buy veg and gave away baskets of peaches to the neighbours last year. Having said that, I did have to fence the veg garden to keep the greyhounds from flying low over it!

Chrispy-108529 1302547843

Monster is only partially correct 1340. It is the Prefecture that declares pests. However this does not negate the requirement to get a hunting licence as the law is quite specific (and also requires hunting insurance!)

backfromthegulag-111068 1302549759

Rabbits may be declared as pests nuisibles by the prefecture but that declaration does not necessarily apply to the whole of the department. In some cantons in the same department they may still be classified a s ground game (gibiers) and reserved for the chasse.I should forget about getting a gun and concentrate on good high fences (at least 1m and dug in 50 cms with an apron of mesh at least 25 cms on the outside to deter rabbits digging under your fence. 4

Chrispy-108529 1302550100

good point Gulag survivor! In some communes rabbits are restricted as a chassable species and only very limited amounts are allowed to be shot like 1 per chasseur per season!

seasiders 1302622186

A french neighbour of ours(originally from the Alscace but resident here, dept 24,for over 15 years) was fined over 1000 Euros for shooting two rabbits in his own veg garden, he had been reported by his neighbour '( a local of long standing) who was a member of the local chasse

so be careful they are definitely classed as game

Oakidoki 1475951418

Hi. I have a full section 1 and 2 licence in the uk and will be moving to France permanent next year so will have no address in the uk how will I go on getting a French licence , I ear you can get an international permit from the uk but if I do t have a uk address would this be a problem. I am willing to go the French route but this will mean putting my guns in storage in the uk.... Any ideas who I get I touch to discuss this. Cheers 

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Electric fence?

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