How do I change my Angloinfo email contact address?

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I no longer use the email account I registered with & have looked all throught the MyAngloINFO to change this. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Many thanks

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Garonne 1350561769

You can't change it, I don't think.

The easiest thing to do is reregister with your new email address.

Fish24 1350572654

Garonne suggestion appears to be good as that is what I did back along.  My Angloinfo and you can log out (left) and use by putting in the new email address together with a new/old password which worked as I logged back in again or you have to go right down to the bottom of any page and in very small blue, go along until it says 'Contact' and make a request if they would just change the mail address.

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