How much do notary services cost?

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Aylin Abner



Notary services in the US can be found for under $20. Depending on where you live, there may be a more expensive rate for having an outside notary come to your home or office than there would be when done at the government building in your area. You should know that most states will require you to pay additional fees if there is a discrepancy with the signatures on important legal documents like wills and marriage licenses (adding extra pages for example).

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Melou 1629186633

Do you have a specific question - or just wanting comparisons with US legal work?

There is no comparison between the French notarial system and the US or UK. Two basics apply here. First, a notaire does not charge for giving advice - they get paid only when they carry out a function for you (and this will only relate to 'property' law, in it's broadest sense - not corporate or criminal law).

Secondly, the majority of notaires are, in effect, State employees; they act on behalf of the State; and are responsible for assessing and collecting any taxes due. The charges that they make are therefore determined by the State.

The French government has tried to get them to become more commercial, but so far without much success.

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