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I am a long term resident of France with a CdS.  However,  I still have a small amount of personal household stuff to bring over from the UK when returning from the UK to my permanent home in France and I am not covered by the legislation for removals to a brand new home in France. I wish to bring in possessions which were all bought in the UK (when the country was in the EU) so I have paid VAT but I am trying to find out if I must pay French VAT now.  Also interested in anyone else’s experiences, when coming back through Calais Customs in recent weeks. Thanks

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Similar situation - I'm sure there are many others who share this issue, in particular given the travel difficulties during the year running up to Brexit and who now find themselves with a load of stuff stuck in the UK. 

The legislation doesn't appear accommodate these unusual circumstances and the various reiterations provided online just reflect the law as it applied long before Brexit arrived in all its glory. 

Given that the withdrawal agreement was intended to facilitate rights of residency rather than inhibit it seems odd that this rather obvious problem would be overlooked. Then again..... 

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