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Recently  moved to the area, and we require the Internet to be installed in the house, including wifi etc.  I would welcome recommendations of reliable, qualified people who could help me out on this. situated 8km south of Eymet, very rural, but knowledge that neighbours have LiveBoxes. Any help or contacts gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation. 

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little mo-885126 1369517169

Go into the website and tap your telephone number into the box which will see if where you live has Haut Debit.

You will find that this subject has been talked about many times, each person telling you that their supplier is the best and cheapest. You could do a forum search, box top right of this page, and read through to get an idea.

Moriarty 1369561437

This very helpful English chap is quite local to you, fixed my computer and those of my friends, so I'd recommend his services.

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