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I posted an article yesterday which provoked some comment. Thank you for those comments, both negative and positive. I could have chosen my phrasing in a better way. It was really intended to let others know (those perhaps new to the forum) that it is possible to serve your community if you've a mind to, as long as you are registered to vote here. You can only be a Maire or deputy Maire if you are a French citizen. It annoys me also that there are those, who seem to enjoy having a dig at others, picking them up on many things such as their use of Capital letters or their inability (in their opinion) to use the search facility properly, when, I have found it very difficult to find an article that I knew was there. It annoys me that people pose a question on this forum and are then shot down in flames by other members. I like a bit of banter, but would those people be as rude to another person face to face? We can't all be perfect. I have found this site to be a useful source of information in the past, but less so now.  People come to a site such as this in search of information and sometimes friendship.  Perhaps there should be a permanent separate topic thread on the left sidebar for those that consider themselves to be part of Section C below:- fo•rum (?f?r ?m, ?fo?r ?m) n., pl. fo•rums, fo•ra (?f?r ?, ?fo?r ?) 1. the marketplace or public square of an ancient Roman city, the centre of judicial and business affairs and place of assembly. 2. a court; tribunal. 3. a. a meeting place for discussion of matters of public interest or a means through which such discussion can be conducted, as a newspaper. b. a public meeting or assembly for such discussion. c. a discussion of a public issue or other serious topic by a select group, as of experts or specialists, esp. a radio or television broadcast for this purpose. [1425–75; late Middle English < Latin: marketplace, public place] Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

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GnV-546428 1389264521

Yes Paul, I too found some of the comments made in your thread somewhat typical of the ex-pat genre frequenting these forums.

I guess they must be of the 'only associate with other rude Brtis' brigade so often making unhelpful and unwarranted attacks on the right to express oneself or ones views.

I had similar treatment at the hands of the some of this fraternity recently, whose sole purpose in life is  seemingly to undermine people with an opinion which does not coincide with theirs such to the extent that they deliberately cause threads to be removed and seem to gain great pleasure in doing so.

In a way, it's why we pefer to associate with our French and French loving friends rather than the mind numbing morons we sometimes have to share the air with in public places.

JackT-939683 1389265897

If you had included today's introductory paragraph in yesterday's post it would have made much more sense to readers. As it was I saw it as something that would have have been better posted on you private Facebook page to share with your friends. 

In regard to your other comments, it is sometimes necessary to offer advice, for example, I for one find blocks of text written in capital letters very hard to read. Using lower case with appropriate punctuation is the norm for a reason. 

Jonger 1389266431

Could not agree more,Paul.


What day is it? 1389279099

Paul, I agree with most of what you have said.

Yes, your original post was capable of being miscontrued and probably was ......... but therein lies the rub.

We can all, at times, give the wrong impression by hastily posting/incorect grammar/whatever, so there but for the grace of God go we all .......... though you do wonder if some on here are so perfect that could never apply to them, don't you?!

This is supposed to be a forum, as you have described, but not all on here are happy to entertain - even permit - views to be expressed which differ from their own ....... "how very dare you" kind of posts, for example.

It's the start of a New Year and perhaps members will embrace a more laid-back style this year? Whatever the merits of a sujbect, a debate is just that .......... more than one side.

Sorry - widened the point of your post, but in the hope of promoting a sensible debate ....... and, yes, I have sometimes been guilty of jumping in too soon!

Let's all lighten up for 2014!

Wairoa 1389281868

Didn't or havn't yet read all the replies on your post of yesterday,but agree with your comments with regards to the all knowing,self riteous,look down their noses at mere mortal perfectionists,perhaps THEY should create their own site along the lines of their own narrow mindedness,bet it wouldn't have too many members!

durav 1389287748

If you started a forum with that title Clive at least two people on this page would be the first to sign up!

What day is it? 1389288817

That you and ...? durav?

Can't be me ........ I have so many spelling mistakes ......... and humilty!

(Do share).

durav 1389290128

Strangely I didn't mean me or me either?

What day is it? 1389291028

Don't be shy ......... say what you mean.

This one of the reasons many leave this forum ....... snide comments which posters are not prepared to follow up and debate openly.

Let's discuss ........


redstuffdan 1389296813

Here l am yet again being attacked for expressing an opinion on this forum.

If Mr Bradford chooses to publish his views and personal experience of being involved in municipale elections Surely l can express the view that l honestly hold  about such posts.

I was not rude

I did not launch a vitriolic attack on him

I did not express any anti ex pat views


Express my personal view that l could see no value in his post other than to let us all know how important he considers being a candidate in Monflanquin elections is.

Find the 'Look how integrated into The  Local Community we are'  pretentious and condescending to those who are not.

Not expect to have to explain myself against a wave of unpleasant polemique for using the phrase 'Blowing Trumpets'

Finally it seems to me that providing one agrees with an expressed point of view on these pages you are welcome to contribute - If not Beware of being ousted as some moronic independent minded trouble maker -  the evidence of which is well expressed on this thread.




hazelL-M 1389299750

As has been said, forums are a platform for debate. On AngloINFO they are not platforms for personally directed arguement.

If you want AI Dordogne to continue to be managed with as light a touch as possible (within AngloINFO's requirements for forum management) and be a place where people can do more than ask questions you do need to be fair to AngloINFO and adhere to their forum rules please. Especially with regard to showing respect to other users.

After all,  that is what you agree to when you join the forums.

It would be great if everyone using the forums could help with this and make the forums be a welcoming place and grow.







What day is it? 1389300209

Hazel, I couldn't agree more!

Everyone is entitled to their view and the right to express it.

I remain disappointed, however, at those who make snide comments and refuse to back them up.

Would they do that in the pub/bar face-to-face/ of course not. So why on an internet forum? I guess we all know the answer to that.

backfromthegulag-111068 1389300786

From what I recall of the original post all John was expressing was his pleasure at being invited to join the list and his regret that  he was a bit too busy to discharge his responsabilities.Further he was reminding people that if they are Anglos they are entitled both to register and to vote in the municipal elections.

cab47 1389304982

Seems to me that there is always someone who wants to pee on someone elses parade.......... or just has nothing better to do with their time ?

I for one would be pleased to know our local councils were not always run by 100 % french people as this clearly does not reflect the population mix - perhaps then some common sense would prevail !

in my village the marie is spending far too much on what i consider vanity projects like the new office for the marie whilst increasing borrowings plus our taxes .

maybe i forgot to put in the apostrophes or made some typos ............

nobodys perfect




aboris 1389315071

Since joining this site a few months ago I have become increasingly disappointed by the number of contributors who delight in making snide/insulting comments to those posting genuine questions seeking information and advice, or , as in the case of Paul's original posting, providing some useful information and some encouragement to others to fully participate in their community.

I'm all in favour of genuine debate based on real arguement and counter arguement but some on here think personal abuse is somehow a valid opposing view - how wrong they are!

To be honest I am beginning to question whether it is worth remaining a member of this forum and I suspect am not alone in  this.

ikedge-101166 1389340966

My dear old granny used to say that the person who first starts to be rude is the person who has started to lose the argument.

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