Neighbour;s Howling Hounds

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My new neighbour, a gendarme, has put 17 chiens de chasse in a cage just 33 metres from my property. They howl and bark day and night and wake me up at all hours of the night/early morning. I'm unable to sit peacefully in my garden and the commotion is untenable. The smells from the dog waste is also unbearable in the evenings. The neighbour has acres of land yet refuses to move the cage. I've written RAR to the maire; the prefecture (3 times!); the SPA twice and to my neighbour's superior at the gendarmerie head office including copies of photos of the dogs in the cage, GE images and copies of the Arret 2006  - all without response/action.  This gendarme is clearly breaking the law which stipulates that all kennels should be a minimum of 100 metres from any neighbour. 3 of the dogs also roam around unsupervised and come into my garden and chase my cats. He has no fence around his land and the cage (kennels is too grand a word) has no roofing or proper flooring. Moreover, the arrival of the dogs has devalued my property and I would probably never be able to sell it anyway.  Any suggestions as to what more I can do to solve this 'nuisance sonore' would be most welcome.  Many thanks!

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another one ?

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were the hounds sorted ?

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