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Hi, can anyone advise where I can source wooden pallets in the Bergerac area please?Thanks in anticipation.

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Toni99 1520932576

That would be the pallet people on the Route de Bergerac road out of Ste. Foy la Grande after leaving the rocarde, on the right about 1km.

The one with the BIG sign saying pallet maker for 40  years!

Carla Merrick 1520935297

Thanks very much for the prompt reply. I am not very familiar with the Ste Foy area. How far would this pallet maker be from central Bergerac please?

BYME 1520955360

Hi Carla,

There's a place that makes pallets on the right just past the Bergerac airport turning heading towards Agen, might be worth asking there, I know a couple of girls that bought some timber from them.


French Heel 1520967012

If you are looking for free pallets, a trawl around the shops and industrial estates can often be a good source, or failing that your decheterie might have some to give away. Our decheterie will let us take them if they have any to spare.

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