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A 'once in a lifetime' item has appeared on the Lidl website for sale next thursday. They are selling a 'chariot en bois' for 49.99eur. Ever since I saw them when I came here first on holiday all those years ago, I have always coveted one. And here's my chance to be a proud owner :-) What I want to ask - is this a good price? I am dying to take my daughters down to the beach in one. The only trouble is that they are 35 and 39, so I think I will have my time cut out trying to get them to get in ;-) My son will be just too strong willed to allow himself to be ordered to sit. (The mind boggles) Maybe, they will have to forego this and I shall have to take my grandchildren instead. You can see the Lidl site at ( and click on Jeudi, 04/08.

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lidl are forever putthing cheap prices on their adverts for you to click in and find its sold out then they give you the option to buy something similar at a higher price 

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