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I read this article in the Economist magazine a couple of weeks ago concerning property prices. I was curious to know what property prices were doing in Aquitaine. Are they over inflated or still good value? I am particularly interested in Lot et Garonne and Dordogne. Many thanks

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I couldn't tell you what property prices are doing there but if you raised credit in France, like I did, then you will be aware that credit is a lot harder to come by than in the UK. Thats said, I would imagine that should anything happen in the UK property market, France would be more stable/ resistant in respect of price fluctuations. Down here in the Landes, prices are definately still going up.

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We live on the edge of Aquitaine (in the Lot).  We have lived here for 10 years.  My opinion is that house prices rose steadily for the last ten years around here but have now reached a peak and even a decline.  The reasons are I believe:

  • they are bought mainly by Brits whose houses in UK have been rising rapidly and they have therefore had much equity to use as security for a second mortgage in France.  Money was also cheap.  However with a wobble in UK house values and a few signs of an economic slow down and rumours of impending tax increases, I think the demand has dropped off a bit.

  • the houses that were bought by Brits are often let to defray the costs and the mortgage.  The market for lettings has been virtually saturated and therefore that income has decreased per 'second home'.

  • I know of many English owned houses for sale which are not moving and I think they will have to drop their price.

Just an opinion!

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some good articles on rightmovefor this 

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