Relocating to the heart of the Périgord-Limousin with horses and dogs - advise needed please

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Hello I'm looking for some advice.  My husband and I areconsidering relocating the the heart of the Périgord-Limousin Natural RegionalPark about 1 hr south of Limoges, around the Chalais area, we have 2 dogs, 2cats and 2 horses. I have fallen head over heals in love with a property with alarge parcel of land for the horses but have some reservations that I'm lookingfor some help. We both work from home so would take our jobs with us. Hoping to get feedback from people who live or have lived in the area. I have so many questions regarding if this is the rightlocation for us.  1. I know the weather can get hot in the summer, my horsesdon't cope too well with the heat but I want to understand if the really hotweather is limited to July and August?  2. I know the flyes can be a real issue for horses in thisregion, again are the bad months limited to July and August or it is a biggerproblem for extended periods. 3. Does anyone have experience of this area? are there otherexpat horse minded people locally who might like to ride out together 4. Anyone know of a good equine vet and farrier in the area- or local horsey knowledge I can tap into 5. I've read some horror stories about processionarycaterpillars - is this a real issue with dogs and cats and even horses? theproperty I'm looking at has 15 plus hectors some of which is woodland. it wouldbe good to know if these are horror stories or a real issue. 6. Does anyone have other honest thoughts on the region. Forevery bit of research I do there seems to be 2 negative stories to everypositive. it would be wonderful to hear from someone who knows the area and hashorses and dogs.

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Angela-Hope-973407 1601893495

make sure your animals are well vacinated or they will not be allowed into France nd have all paperwork ready for them prior to travel 

Wendy-Brighton-973406 1614073637

Make sure you have all paperwork associated to the move 

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