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Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with EPS building and renovations. Work was started and then nothing for several months, and unfortunately I have put quite a bit of money upfront....... 

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major martin-854929 1511094891

If the business to which you refer is also known as Eymet Property Services, of 15 Rue Pericot, 24500 Eymet, the six Google reviews on that business, i.e. Eymet Property Services, are mixed.

French Heel 1511103486

I personally know of two people that have had problems with him and since their problems have come to light have been in contact with several others, some of whom have lost large sums of money. One person that I know only got his work done by threatening him.

I personally don't believe the positive reviews on Google. One person on there recommended him to another and his work cost her a small fortune to put right. When she asked the people why they had recommended him as his work was so poor, they said it was due to the fact that he promised to come back and finish their job, if he got the recommended work.

countrydweller 1511108164

Never ever hand over money up front before the work is done unless it is a properly registered business with a proper devis with insurance attached and only pay the deposit agreed If you have assurance juridique refer the matter to them but as there appears to be a number of people involved why do you not all get together and visit him making your next port of call the gendarmerie if he does not cough up?

Jehru 1511129469

I've had and am having serious problems with him.  Reported him to the gendarmerie and they spent 18 months investigating. Let's all meet and decide on a plan of action.  I'm about to take him back to court.

cab47 1511204372

he also seems to be trading under the name of "premiere maisons" advertising timber frame houses amongst other things.

Andrew -Gray -915088 1511204894

So what issues have you had that have forced you to court? I'm in England at mo but hoping to get over soon, so would be happy to meet up with anyone and discuss. 

cab47 1511204940

eddiec-10069113 1511247748

Best advice to people as little as possible up front and if they say they need materials you buy them and get them delivered to your property, We had a roof done a few years ago and no money was asked for up front,

Easy Rider 1629661181

Hi all,

I realise this is an old discussion but would be interested to hear from anybody who’s still around on what the outcome was with Geoff Towers. 

He is currently operating in the south of France under various trading names and I have been having problems with him. I’d appreciate any feedback.


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