Suspended Decking for a large terrace - guidance required

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We are ready to install a wood decking suspended on beams for a large terrace.  Could anyone please share their experience of this or any knowledge of an ideal wood to purchase for the Dordogne?   We have been to several decking suppliers, plus done some research online and unfortunately everyone advises different qualities and hence different prices.  Softwood v hardwood.  There are just so many qualities and origins of wood out there, we have come to a halt.  Any information would be gratefully received.

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KarenD-121790 1507714609

Sorry, I should
have made it clear that the frame has been built. We are interested in
information regarding the durability of decking boards, either in soft wood or
hard wood. (spliting, moving, maintaining their shape/warping etc...) Thank

French Heel 1507727660

Don't know if this is one of the places that you have been, but their decking and screws are very reasonable. CDA at Aiguillan.

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Try MBA Aquitane timber in Ste Foy Le Grande or Bordeaux. They have Itauba hardwood 21mm x 135 smooth decking (Similar to Ipe but less costly)  which I used and they will deliver.

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Have you considered using TREX, composite maintenance, no shrinkage or warping in hot dry conditions or rotting in rain and damp. sorry not  sure what the brand would be here in france.

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I also used MBA in ST Foy but used the flat pressure treated pine. It went down 4 years ago and still looks good, no shrinkage. It turn a nice shade of soft grey

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