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It is so frustrating and annoying when people ask a question or ask for information and think that everyone knows what they are talking about!!! (eg - see 'Zones' under Financial & Legal) There are AI rules and regulations for responding to postings and, if not applied, get deleted but there are non which explain how to ask a question!!!  Maybe Admin or someone could suggest or give guidelines, please? Many people forget to give their location or the name of their nearest large town, some even give inches and feet in a metric country, others forget to say they live on the border of XXX and XXX (they should be permitted by AI to post on both regional sites) etc. This is not the first and it won't be the last but why don't Original Posters think about who is going to read their question before posting? Most questions are asked in the emotion of the moment of desperation but, for goodness sake, think for 5 mins or sleep on it and then ask your questions which require the basic information so that people can help as near to the facts as they can. There is no member edit facility on here but there should be one or a priority deletion button with the reason from AI if they don't understand either!. The OP could then re-phrase and re-post with a simple, clear, maxi, precise, fully-described public question on how/when/why/wherefore instead of giving other essential information half-way through the 'discussion' which changes the whole subject. This would also avoid mis-information and the situation of 'helpful' or knowledgeable posters, with their time-consuming research and answers, frequently being accused of being 'off-topic' and then being deleted through no fault of their own!        

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Wairoa 1387351186

Well put,it would also help if self acclaimed experts would either answer with genuinely helpful replies instead of scathing comments or abstain completely.

What day is it? 1387368504

Yes, I agree. This issue comes round every couple of years and perhaps is the result of new members joining?

The other thing I dislike are the posters who ask for e.g. "anyone know where I can hire a minibus for a rugby tour", get several replies and then never bother to say thanks or give feedback.

Often, feedback is helpful to other members.

aboris 1387390576

I agee with Clive!

Melou 1387396298

I couldn't agree more Fish24! Sometimes I read OPs and think 'Oh not again!', Sometimes I just think 'Why don't they firstly, check the Forum Search box - or simply Google the information they want?' . . . . but then, if you check other AI sites around the world, we should congratulate Hazel (and ourselves) on an exceptionally active Discussion site, that addresses an ever interesting range of subjects. Do have a look at the parochial, uninteresting stuff in, say, Bahrain or Britain.

I certainly also agree with WhatDay - nothing more rude than not following up a reply that you have asked for!

But I think that Clive is touching on a more difficult problem - you don't have to be an 'expert' to feel frustration at an OP (and/or the subsequent postings) . . .especially if it is, as often happens, a fairly blatant anti-French attitude.

I think that Fish is on the right lines in suggesting (as is quite normal, for example, on sites that invite you to 'Write a Review') that there could be Practical Guidelines in addition to the AI corporate ones that appear above the box that I am currently typing in. 

Maybe Hazel could advise if it would help if we discussed a "Make sure you provide at least the following information" type list - but I would understand that this would need to be an AI corporate decision, and the needs of a localised site like AI Dordogne are very different to, for example, AI India! 


backfromthegulag-111068 1387402127

Oh dear Clive. Mea culpa mea maxima culpa. I fear that I may make scathing comments. Scathing?  No duckie if you  want scathing just wait..Personally I propose to launch numpty watch. Dedicated to record those questioners who could quite easily find the answers to their questions if only they used google.uk or google.fr or even used a modicum of common sense. Fish is someone who tries to answer the numpties and so do I but sometimes I think we get get peed off with those who can't or won't  read things in French  and think that they are being done down by the French system. Fish is it a bit more patient than I am but I believe that both of us try to give reasonable, reasoned,evidenced answers to questions. We don't want thanks but I suspect we don't suffer fools  gladly. 

ErnieY-521367 1387402742

A meaningful title would be a good start, simply writing HELP does not qualify !

Chrispy-108529 1387411928

I get annoyed by self proclaimed experts that do not understand the OP's question, so they give an authoritative off question answer!

Fish24 1387415196

I am delighted that you have all given your opinions and thoughts for which I thank you.

You have all been around for a long time and given, in general, free help to others (I don't think any of us could be described as 'experts' , Clive, for whom one has to pay as professionals) but those who have had many years of living in France, we have all acquired a tee-shirt (mine is blue, white and red).

I agree with Melou's points and maybe Hazel (as local Moderator) could point us in the right direction as to how different ideas would be acceptable to  AI Ltd.  I think I can say that we do appreciate her input and the running of the Dordogne site compared to others which we can't mention on here!  She has her corporate instructions but if our points could be made via a human discussion, she could then say 'yea or neh' and give an explanation that we all understand.

I have been accused of being 'school-marm'sh' and have got a little wiser with age but not less tolerant, bftg, as I have to bite my tongue frequently.  However, if you think it might be a good idea, I would be happy to organise a get-together, maybe in the New Year, in a central point (bar or café) (Périgueux or Bergerac) or within an hour's drive from the Périgord Noir and the Sarlat/Terrasson area.

If those interested would let me know their nearest small town by email and/or I could see if Hazel is free and in a position to join us if she thinks it could be useful listening to Member's valid points of view and ideas !


Icantbelieveit 1387445757

Live and let live - and if your time is being wasted, find something better to do with it.

allaninfrance 1387449674

Great Topic and replies and YES I am the first to admit I  often rush to ask a question without really

thinking about the poor person who is trying to understand what I am actually trying to say , as Fish said , sleep on it  !

Merry Xmas everybody !

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