Vive la différence

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News headlines this evening on French TV. SNOW. It has been SNOWING. This is amazing, however I thought it snows every winter in France, so why should this be news headlines.British TV headline news. SEX. A politician is accused, 9 years after the event by a disgruntled policeman, of having pornography on his computer. Considering the huge percentage of people who have watched on line pornography with no harm to anyone, why this British obsession with sex?Vive la difference!

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Southern Guy 1512164093

I think it is just in your rosé coloured glasses. Normal activity here. Nothing new. Different religion. Take your pick. Guess you are not or do not consider yourself "integrated" yet.

Why are you watching the UK news if you live in France? Do you actually care about what is happening on a little island to the north? You left that behind and immigrated to another country. Viva la France

DaisyRose 1512205580

I think a great deal of harm is done if someone is doing anything other than the job they are paid to do during working hours! 


Daniel H 1512211498

Maybe he was indulging in a little after-hours activity in the office. Anyway, like Oasis says, why is this even 'news'?

Nothing the general public like more than A) finding out a fellow human being has questionable morals and B) taking that human being down in a flash-flood of faux outrage. Makes us all feel a bit better about ourselves!

Nothing wrong with keeping abreast of the goings on in one's home country. Afterall, many people have family and friends directly affected by goings on there.

DaisyRose 1512211963

Not a question of faux outrage.  If a person is in a position of authority they should abide by the rules they set for others and do the job they are paid to do.  

It is alleged to have been during working hours and to be more serious porn than two consenting adults romping.  

oasis 1512219236

I had a feeling my post might bring out one of the trolls from their hole. I was merely amused by the different priorities in news reporting between France and the UK.

For the record, since leaving the UK in 1966 I have lived and worked in many different countries, including France for the past 30 years and having children and grandchildren in the UK, (as well as France), it interests me to know what is going on there. Also, just my opinion, but I find BBC TV World News one of the most balanced news services available, apart from the British obsession with sex. Hands up all the British immigrants living in France who never watch UK TV. Not many I suspect. Imagine the field day in the British news if past prime ministers got up to some of the antics of past French presidents.

My French wife and I watch a fair bit of BBC TV for the simple reason it is consistently better quality than French TV, and without the commercial breaks. Another difference.

countrydweller 1512224149

Lets make this clear-pornography does do harm Firstly it demeans the individual who is watching it and treats women as sex objects Secondly many of the women involved do so under some form of duress usually they are druggies who are "paid" in heroin or are trafficked illegal immigrants who are forced to appear in these films /photos otherwise they will be subject to physical violence Many of the girls are just that-girls who have runaway from home or have been kicked out/ are in care and are picked up by pimps and the like and then forced into the sex trade Thirdly there have been several cases where people appearing in these films have actually been abducted and have been used in extreme pornography involving genital mutilation and in some cases death for the sexual gratification of those watching Most pornographers start off with "Milkman/plumber type porn and progress on to the more extreme end of the market to make more cash Lastly nearly every sex offender will say that they have been watching porn which has influenced their behaviour before going out to rape.

Apparently the porn that was found on the computer was described as being extreme and shocking A few weeks after the stuff was found parliament passed legislation making it an offence to possess this type of porn following a rape and murder case so the MP involved missed being locked up and put on the sex offenders register by weeks 

Still think porn does no harm?

hog.hedge 1512230924

unfortunately cover ups usually account for many cases not coming to light again for many years and usually because it wouldn't be in the 'public interest' to bring charges at the time 

also the divide and conquer rule can apply when it isn't 'pc' so that the victim feels isolated and vulnerable and too scared to proceed

DaisyRose 1512232427

Absolutely, Countrydweller and hog.hedge.  As to  the question posed by Oasis, "Why is this news?" the answer is, because it is in the public interest to know about it. 

Keeping things quiet is called "cover up".  

chèvrefeuille 1512241470

Yesterday when I woke up to snow, snow was a major local news item. With reason. Many of our local roads were uncharacteristicly slippery and the nearby RN had been closed by a serious accidents involving some HGVs and two coaches. Isn’t that what the news is for? To tell people what is going on? Obviously Oasis thinks it has another purpose.

Plumduff-118078 1512242301

In any job watching pornography on your work computer would mean instant dismissal.  Not for MP's though apparents.  No one should be watching stuff like this at Work

Southern Guy 1512244017

I see you have also brought out the bible brigade.

countrydweller 1512293232

Or in my case the Koranic brigade You get your hand chopped off for theft so for porn??????

Daniel H 1512296564

Ahh, the news is reporting that it was the hard stuff now is it? It was soft core stuff when they first got hold of this 'story' from 9 years ago. Funny how their facts never stay the same...

The MP in question just needs to wait it out. The general public will be in outrage about something quite different next week. Maybe John Terry or David Beckham will have an affair or something...

IMHO there is no one news source that is completely free of bias. To get a rounded view, I think one needs to view multiple sources, ideally from different countries or stand points.

francophile-881373 1512409349

My understanding of this event is a little different.

1.  So far no proof has been supplied that the offending images were actually on the computer when it was seized. Nor any proof that the politician in the spotlight actually downloaded the images himself.  Several politicians have now admitted to sharing their passwords amongst their staff.

2.  The Police now admit that the pornography was ‘legal’.  So what were they doing holding onto a copy of legal material for so long?

3.  The computer was seized following a leak of information which embarrassed the Labour Government.  I think that is all one needs to know.

Daniel H 1512553732

Ahh, so we were supposed to be angry about the ex-policeman's lack of integrity rather than the porn itself!?

So many angles of upset...

Out of interest, what news sources do people read?

Personally I read the BBC and also have a few peaks at Russia Today and Sud Ouest for local stuff.

Doddles 1512576933

The issue for the copper was that the politician denied it happened and called the police liars! Reputation and integrity so impugned, other cops step into the mess in support. Politicians get away with a lot, but you can’t call a policeman a liar and not expect them seeking redress..... especially when they have the proof! 

countrydweller 1512577712

THe porn in question was actually declared to be illegal a few weeks after the initial seizure due to its extreme nature and the fact that several rapes and murders had been committed by people viewing such material and yes it can be proved that the material was on the computer and on the MPs personal laptop too If the MP in question had not tried to bluster his way out of a hand on knee allegation he would not be in the position he is now He should have done a Fallon 

oasis 1512578628

My post seems to have gone off on a tangent. I was just amused by the different priorities for news headlines. Today, it is different again. France is entering into a period of national mourning, UK is again focused on Brexit and the Irish border.

tifossi33 1512583485

Oasis - yup, different 'tangents' can be funny to follow sometimes.   In order of importance - the copper's testimony is dodgy;  he's now facing prosecution - and it's going to come down to a 'he says this; the cop says another' - wouldn't trust the words of either of them.  But I thought the UK had the principle of 'innocent until proven guilty' - and yet the facebook/twitterati screaming and shouting and nastiness that now goes on I find deeply worrying.   Seems there are more and more nasty people out there who just can't help venting their nastiness and vileness at anyone.

As for watching UK tv;  oh how I love the sanctimonious 'you're in France - why 'want UK foods, UK papers, UK tv etc etc....'

Does anyone honestly think that the Polish people living in the UK don't watch their Polish tv.

Or the French ?

Or the Dutch ?

That any other european citizens don't long for their 'taste of their home' - go and look at the food aisles in British supermarkets - whole aisles devoted to foods from Poland, Greece, etc etc.

People are the same the world over;  their homeland is their homeland and most because of family ties will want to keep in touch.

Most people miss their own 'cultural food tastes' - so what's wrong with that.

As for the different priorities on 'first news item' - yes, of course it's funny.   But don't forget, wasn't France the country where the press kept quiet about the open secret of d'Estang's french mistress and family - only to be 'revealed' after his death !!    So the french press treat such sexual pecadillos by their own politicians with the 'gallic shrug' - and the UK press love nothing better than a sex scandal.   You know what - I find the french attitude hypocritical and the British attitude to sexual pecadillos of their 'better's' to be more honest.

Even though the 'innocent until proven otherwise' really seems to have been overturned, and I feel it's become far more a political vendetta from a very corrupt Met police force.    Just look at the short-comings of the Staffs Police force - and others. 

Oh dear - think I'm going to hide......!!!   

Southern Guy 1512676164

Now it seems to all be about johnny hallyday who was actually born in belgium...

Renovata 1512762549

I find Southern Guy's response to Country Dweller quite extraordinary, why would you assume that such horrible facts re pornography could only be written by someone from the so called Bible Brigade !!!

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