Volunteer work in Bergerac area

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Hi Has anyone got any contacts for volunteer work in the Bergerac area.

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OrlandoGibbons 1327322735

The SPA animal home is always looking for volunteers. If you google SPA Bergerac you should find them. Cheers

Belinda-115688 1327340318

Can you give us an idea of your interests/experience? And how much French you speak? There is a charity organisation at St.Capraise de Lalinde, between Lalinde and Bergerac that supports children and adults with learning - they often need volunteers to teach English. E-mail me if you'd like more info.

John-wray-942477 1620048152

Hi, Am looking to volunteer in the dordogne region 2021, if safe to do so 

Handy late 50s guy who can think on his feet,


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