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Hi /  Currently unable to get home to the UK, & only just discovered that renewing my licence at 70 deprives me of the right to tow a trailer.I am near Bergerac, Dordogne, Nouvelle Aquitaine. Happy to travel to Bordeaux?Just reaching-out on the off-chance ???Manny thanks for reading,  Peter.

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Hi,we have just received our S1 forms from UK.we are going back to UK on Monday 12th October.what documents will we need to post with our forms to get registered?can we send copies?Thanks

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Hi,I would welcome any advice about a good location for a clinic, that has good access to schools etc in or around Bergerac / Perigueux.My wife and I are both Osteopaths. We are both structural Osteopaths but my wife also treats Perinatal cases and paediatrics, while I also practice Medical Acupuncture. Thank you. 

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Planning our move to France in September.  Does anyone use Exclusive Healthcare Insurance Company for their health insurance.  Your opinion of them as a company would be helpful.  Thanks

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Can anyone recommend European Health Insurance for expats?  Thank you.

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Hello, we're moving to Bergerac soon.Can anyone recommend a good Doctor's practice and also a good Vet?Ideally, MOH would prefer an English-speaking female Doc if possible, but it's not vital.NB. Please don't mention names here (as it's against the regs) but PM me.Thanks in advance for your help.

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Our friend has been advised by their doctor to seek help from a psychiatrist.  The person concerned does not have a good grasp of French so needs to see one who can speak some English.  Does anyone know of any possible contacts in the region?  The doctor did give the names of two practitioners near Eymet and Bergerac but they don't speak any English.

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Hello, Does anyone know of an English speaking doctor near Saint-Lo or Bayeux? Can you please email me contact details if you know of anyone?

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Hello, My name is Belle, and I am a healthcare professional/personal trainer/nutritionist.Throughout the year I split my time living between Manchester in the UK, and Domme, in the Dordogne.From my time exploring the area around Domme, I haven't noticed many gyms and I just wondered what people's opinions were on health and fitness within the region. For instance, do you feel that you are as fit and healthy as you'd like to be? Do you know of ways/services that could help you improve/sustain your health and wellbeing... and I suppose ultimately, is that a service you'd be interested in using if it was accessible to you, be it locally or online?Thanks in advance for any input, Belle

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hello my grandfather lives over in france,he has recently come to the stage where he can no longer live there on his own due to his health deteriating, he is currently in hospital after having a stroke so i don't believe he will be able to fly home and he is 91 also, does anyone know of any ambulance type services that can get him to the uk? also with this all being last minute would anyone know what he would be entitled to help wise once he gets back home as obvoiusly as nice it would be his house won't sell over night, ive contacted a charity here for help but i all they keep suggesting is he needs to sell which we know it just won't happen as quick they seem to think thank you in advance    

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Can anybody recommend a physiotherapist in the Bergerac region?

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Can anybody recommend a physiotherapist in the Bergerac region?

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Can anybody recommend a physiotherapist in the Bergerac region?

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Can anyone please recommend an English speaking dentist in the Villereal/Monpazier area? Or any other nearby town? 

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Hello all and any information would be appreciated on average cost of a hip operation in France. Resident here with carte vitale but no private top up. Am happy to the cost over and above the carte vitale refundable amount but no idea how much this will be here in France. Any ideas please? Or is there a site which will tell me?Thank you

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HiIs anyone able to recommend an Opthalmologist, preferably English speaking, in the Riberac/Coutras areas? My wife needs an eye test and examination. Please message me if you are able to help.Many thanks

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Hi, I am not resident in France but live here half of the year. Finding it impossible to get knee replacement surgery in the UK within any reasonable timescale, I am going to try to have it done here in the Dordogne and reclaim the cost from the NHS. Has anyone done this? If you have experience of having knee replacement surgery in the Dordogne, preferably near to Perigueux, and can recommend a hospital or a surgeon I would be grateful if you could pm me with information. Thank you.

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Hi, can anyone recommend a good ophthalmic optician in Le Bugue or Sarlat please?Many thanks

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Hello All,I have several feuille de sions - medicine receipts which I have to claim back on. I have my carte vitale through CPAM but I don't know the address where I send the receipts to.  Can anyone help?

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Looking for information with regard of having dialysis whilst staying near Villeneuve sur Lot. Currently have dialysis three mornings a week and I believe that if it is a 'state run hospital'  the UK will cover the cost.

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