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Looking for information with regard of having dialysis whilst staying near Villeneuve sur Lot. Currently have dialysis three mornings a week and I believe that if it is a 'state run hospital'  the UK will cover the cost.

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Do you live in the UK and visiting France? If so then yes it should be covered under your EHIC card, but you need to arrange it in advance before you come out. Arrangements have to be put in place with the hospital you will be using, your appointments have to be scheduled and they may want copies of your medical records etc. Not sure whether it would be covered in full, there might be a small amount to pay but most of the cost will be covered in any case.

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Hi Josephine/gosub thanks for the info regarding websites to visit , live in UK and have an EHIC (still current!!) and will do a bit of resesearching. Is there anyone in lot et garonne on dialysis currently?? many thanks

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Nearest centre for dialysis is the hospital in Agen.

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