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Planning our move to France in September.  Does anyone use Exclusive Healthcare Insurance Company for their health insurance.  Your opinion of them as a company would be helpful.  Thanks

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kathyc-99557 1496395167

I did when I first moved over but found them very expensive and inefficient. I believe that they're more efficient now but I still think that they're dear.

countrydweller 1496399440

Do not forget that you can join the French healthcare system after 3 months residence in FRance

French Heel 1496400567

It's some years since we did it, but I recall that I called someone in Newcastle and we received a notice of entitlement in French that we submitted here. Depending upon when you arrived, it gave you up to 2 1/2 years cover. If you declare that you arrive in September, you lose the cover from the beginning of the year in which you arrive. Things might have changed.

Nipper 1496408213

Think you're talking about the old S1 cover for people which was cancelled by the government a couple of years ago. Only retirees qualify for an S1 now.

kathyc-99557 1496412908

I had assumed that the OP was asking about top up (mutuelle) insurance as that's what Exclusive offers and what I used them for.

Monsieur Jour 1496422927

We used Expatriate Healthcare Insurance to meet the requirement of having private healthcare cover as retirees. If this is the point of your question then they are worth considering.


If you use a higher level of excess and essentially use them as a last resort in the event of needing inpatient care then the premiums are very competitive with the likes of BUPA etc. Also, and particu
arly if you haven't made a claim, then cancelling is straightforward when you get accepted into the system here.

However, as another poster has indicated, if you are looking for top-up cover then you would do much better to look at the insurance companies in France when you get here.

Monsieur Jour 1496423136

To clarify I should have written "early" retirees in my previous post.

natasha123 1496436055

Thanks everyone for your comments. We are early retirees, I believe we need full private health insurance for the first 3 months, then as we wait for our french health system application to be processed. If we are accepted, then change the full insurance for a top up policy.

kathyc-99557 1496437438

For PHI, I believe that Exclusive only act as intermediaries for other companies, they don't offer their own policies. My comment was only concerning the top up policies they offer.

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