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Hello all and any information would be appreciated on average cost of a hip operation in France. Resident here with carte vitale but no private top up. Am happy to the cost over and above the carte vitale refundable amount but no idea how much this will be here in France. Any ideas please? Or is there a site which will tell me?Thank you

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About fifteen years ago my father in law was in the same position. He was looking at UK prices of no less than £9000, or at least an 18 month wait.

A family member had an accident here and he was impressed with the treatment and cleanliness of the hospital. 

We did an internet search and found several hospitals in Northern France and Belgium that were offering the operation. I emailed them and the first to respond was a Belgian hospital. They offered a freephone number to call as well. All hospitals that responded prided themselves upon the fact they were English speaking.

My father in law went with them as they made you stay for a week (possibly longer) for physiotherapy.

He came home using a cane, but we immediately got him into the Police Convalescent Home in Goring for a further week of physiotherapy. He never needed the cane again.

The cost then was the equivalent of £6000. That included Eurostar to Brussels, then taxi for about an hour to the hospital and return. All meals and my wife went with him, stayed for a couple of days in the hospital and then collected him.

Prior to the procedure, he had to have a dental examination and all cavities were filled.

A quick google search seems to reveal the UK and France with similar prices of around €11000 and Belgium more expensive at €13000.

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Have you not got a top up insurance to cover the remaining amount If not you can get a hospital only mutuelle if you do not want to pay for a bells and whistles policy

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A friend has just had this done is in a similar position, ie. Carte vitale no mutual. Hee extra payment came in at around 3000 euro's. It was done at Brive.

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Thank you all so much for your helpful replies.

French heel - good to see what checks go on before and never thought of physio. Will have to figure this in to budget too.

Interesting comment Countrydweller - however not sure if I would pass the medical as my limp is quite pronounced now?

Metisse - very interesting - I live between Brive and Perigueux and good to have a recommendation like this. How did your friend initiate things please? Am assuming visit to doctor? and then referral on to Brive hospital? Would love to have name of surgeon if your friend wouldn't mind. 

It's reassuring to know there are avenues open to me here in France without having to return permanently to UK and joining the NHS queue. (Would not feel guilty doing this as paid full stamp for 40 years into system). However would obviously prefer to stay in France.

Best wishes

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You don't need to pass a medical to get top up insurance, companies are not allowed by law to refuse people with pre existing conditions. However, some may limit cover in certain circumstances for 3 or 6 months. You need to start shopping round.

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She was refered by her local doctor, who sent up the meetings.

Ironbridge-10049573 1521101630

Thank you so much to all who responded on site and private e-mail to my enquiry. Seems top up cover may be an avenue to explore before going ahead. However will certainly watch the refund amount from the top up insurance company as it appears the refund will only cover the difference of the cost of the op as per government guidelines and the 60 or 70% you can get refunded under carte vitale. Therefore if the surgeon charges  more than the government guidelines - no refund of this excess. Guess I need a written estimate (devi) from the surgeon and compare the refunds available before proceeding finally.

Best wishes

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But don't you get top up insurance that pays out more than 100% ? Or is that not available on hospital only? Ours pays out varying % for different things. 100% for some rising to 200 or 300 % for others. Dearer of course than a  flat 100% cover but we think it's worth it

Ironbridge-10049573 1521136605

Thank you again to the 2 further replies just received on this subject. Good point Plumduff makes above. However have decided to get costings for the consultant/ surgeon/operation room/physio (lots of this I think) and hospital short stay(hopefully!) before possibly delaying the op and taking out top up insurance of some kind.

Guess the real lesson here is whatever channel you choose - top ups or savings and no top up - get devis and read the small print before committing to the knife!

Good to talk. 

Am feeling cheerful as ANTS have just (finally) accepted my carte grise on-line application for my English car brought out to France. So you can teach an old dog new tricks! 

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