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Hi, I am not resident in France but live here half of the year. Finding it impossible to get knee replacement surgery in the UK within any reasonable timescale, I am going to try to have it done here in the Dordogne and reclaim the cost from the NHS. Has anyone done this? If you have experience of having knee replacement surgery in the Dordogne, preferably near to Perigueux, and can recommend a hospital or a surgeon I would be grateful if you could pm me with information. Thank you.

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You cannot have planned  treatment and then try to reclaim the costs from the UK It has to be authorised in the UK by your local commissioning group I know that in Kent a lot of orthopaedic patients are being sent to Calais as it is cheaper and quicker AS finance is the main concern with UK healthcare now a days it may be worth getting a devis from a hospital as to how much it will cost in France but you will have to pay obviously for initial consultations

Look on the NHS choices  website and search for treatment abroad  compare funding routes 

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Thanks for responding. Yes I've checked the NHS site and I think you can reclaim either by getting authorisation beforehand or  trying your luck afterwards, obviously before would be safer! My problem is I don't know how to go about getting a reliable surgeon here in France. I reckon personal recommendations would be my best bet.

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Have sent you a pm

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Don't forget all the additional things that will be required here like consulations, pre operation dental checks and physio.

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And nights staying at the hospital and food of course.

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Thanks to everyone. Much appreciated.

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