Opthalmic Opticians Le Bugue/Sarlat

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Hi, can anyone recommend a good ophthalmic optician in Le Bugue or Sarlat please?Many thanks

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Jambo 1517589020

There is an opticien in vitrac, just south of Sarlat-la-Canéda, but has an approx 2 month waiting list, I am currently trying to get appointments myself..!! 


brendasear 1519045169

Hi Jambo  I've just realised that I didn't reply to your message, sorry about that and many thanks for writing.  In the end I got a letter from my doctor and sent it off to someone in Le Bugue although I'm going to chase them as I've not heard anything!  Good luck with getting your appointment!

Fish24 1519062588

The man, of asiatic origins, in Le Bugue is very good but you would be advised to go yourself .

Both in Sarlat is minimum 6 months

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brendasear 1519140325

Thanks for the input Fish24.  I've had a good result as they have rung from Le Bugue and offered me a cancellation for next Monday!   

Fish24 1519146332

Thanks for the good news and one step at a time, Brenda.

metisse 1519249121

I was advised to bit the bullet and go to Bordeaux as the wait in Sarlat was tooo long. I did,  appointment within a month and operated on within two weeks. That was a year or so back but worth looking into. If you Pm me I will forward on the consultant that did the the first appointment and then again  procedure.

brendasear 1520008577

Hi Metisse thanks for your comment, and for the offer of the name of your consultant - I hope all is well with you.  I thought I'd give a quick update - I  was seen on Monday as planned at Le Bugue, and had the usual eye tests then was sent home with some dry-eye drops and a follow up appointment for 2 months' time (so on the waiting list now!).   Thanks again for all your comments.

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