Our friend needs help from a psychiatrist

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Our friend has been advised by their doctor to seek help from a psychiatrist.  The person concerned does not have a good grasp of French so needs to see one who can speak some English.  Does anyone know of any possible contacts in the region?  The doctor did give the names of two practitioners near Eymet and Bergerac but they don't speak any English.

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George's girl 1436362492

Does your friend not have somebody they can rely on to translate for them?

MikeandJenny 1436365026

Thank you for your reply.  There is someone who could translate for her, I am just not sure whether having others around during what will be a very personal and emotional session would help.

I will, however, certainly follow-up your idea.

Djmohan 1436369040

Hello I'm an Irish Psychiatric Nurse working in the Psychiatric Unit in Bergerac,if you would like to pm me I can put you in touch with a Psychiatrist in Bergerac who speaks very good english

MikeandJenny 1436371688

Thank you for replying, can you please provide details of how to contact you so that I can pass those details on to our friend.

I am not sure how you can provide this info to us privately, can AngloINFO help?

hazelL-M 1436377568


To contact Djmohan just click on the "user name" (in blue at the top left hand side of the post) and that will open a private email window between you.

Hope your friend finds the help needed. Good luck.


MikeandJenny 1436380300

Thanks, I am a bit new to this system!  I have followed your advice and have contacted djmohan directly.

Laura-Woolfenden-956331 1582529637

Hi,  I'm also looking for a psychiatrist in Bergerac who speaks English for my mother. Pls can someone advise

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