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OH has been advised by optician to see an opthalmologist for possible cataract development. Can anyone recommend an opthalmologist in the Villeneuve-sur-Lot region? English-speaking not important. I realise that names can't be posted here but PMs would be welcome or emails to carriebethune@btinternet.com. Many thanks. 

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Our town qualifies for two doctors. One has retired without replacement. We understand that:  after three months without a replacement, the post is eligible for a grant of 50,000 euros to the new incumbent. Is this true?  If so, is there a time committment (e.g. grant given and after say a month, the person leaves). How is a potential applicant evalued and by whom?  (e.g. medical board, qualifications, experience). Is there any web-site that provides detailed information on the procedures?

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Can anybody recommend a physiotherapist in the Bergerac area please. 

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Hi, has anyone got any recommendations for an osteoarthritis physio, preferably near Bergerac,Vergt,Mussidan. Many thanks.

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Hi, I've tried reading the various threads and online information but can't find anything that matches my criteria so any help would be appreciated.I am currently living in the Dordogne, we're only trying it out at the moment with my family. I work in IT for a company in the UK and hence pay my taxes in the UK. Company tax people have told HMRC it's temporary at the moment and they've agreed I continue to pay tax in UK until we decide where we're going to reside. Kids are at school, we're renting and we're going to give it until June (9 months in France) and then decide whether to stay or leave. It's now Jan and it's only now popped into my head about health cover. I saw the doctor last night, just for a sport certificate, but he mentioned I should sort out insurance or get a carte vitale. Now I won't be able to get the carte vitale as I pay my tax in the UK. I have EHIC cards. Is this sufficient, or should I also have some sort of health cover while I am here? How long will EHIC cover us? What will the insurance cover that EHIC won't?Any comments appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, Could anybody recommend a dermatologist around the Bergerac area please? My email address is timpers@me.com as I don't think we can recommend  doctors etc on the actual discussion page . Thank you in advance (hopefully).

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Hello,I would be grateful if anyone knows a dentist who speaks a little English if possible around my way, wouldventure much further just to get sortedArea 33230 Abzac/CoutrasThank You

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Can anyone recommend a good chiropodists/podiatrists [preferably with a little English] in the Sainte Foy la Grande area.

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Does anyone know of any nail technicians in Riberac area that does acrylic nails?

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Hi thereHelp!!Any recommendations for a good dentist in the Sarlat area - hubby now suffering from a tooth that needs to be removed!!thanks

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I realise that the Doctor's fee has risen to €25,00 but the refunds seem to vary wildly.  Went to Doctor on 3/7 and recived €16,50, and on 27/9 and received €14,50.  Also my daughter went and she was refunded €10,50!We all have CV's so does anyone have an explanation before I have to spend a couple of days on the phone. Also asked Docter but he said he thought all refunds were still 70%!Many thanksE.

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 Hi,   I am looking for a decent private health care policy. Any recommendations. I don't know how it works when you are entitled to healthcare under reciprocal arrangements . And my husband is non EU. It's all a bit over. whealming. Thanks Lin

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Desperately looking for an emergency dentist.  Unfortunately I have not had a lot of luck with dentists since living in France and have an appointment booked with what will be my third dentist on 13th October.  I have had to wait over 2 months for this upcoming appointment as they are so booked up.  The problem is that I am not now sure I can wait that long with the pain I am now experiencing.  I am currently popping painkillers like Smarties which is not recommended with other meds I am taking.  Does anyone know of a dentist in the area (47800 La Sauvetat du Dropt) who might be able to help in some way before my upcoming appointment in 11 days time?  I understand that medical recommendations can not appear on a public forum but would ask that any info be sent to me privately via my email: iangrahamimages@gmail.com   Many thanks in advance.

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Our doctor of 10 years, is retiring at the end of this year without a replacement.  His partner, the only other doctor, is already overloaded. What is the medical situation and whom do we contact.

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Can anyone suggest an English speaking Dentist and receptionist anywhere near Monflanquin 

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Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser that is to say, one who has kept up to date with modern haircutting techniques, but who doesnt charge outrageously?  Would be interested to hear any expériences.  Miramont de Guyenne/Marmande area

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HiDoes anyone have any personal recommendations for an English speaking dentist in the Thivier / Perigueux areaThanks

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Is there a legal number of check ups that you have to have during a pregnancy here, my neighbour (who is Dutch) says that you have to have seven, seems a lot to me.

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If anyone knows of an English speaking dentist in the Villereal/Monpazier area.  Thanks in advance

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