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Anyone used these help with Hayfever & general allergies?  If so did you feel they helped or not?Many thanksE.

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cpam warns that there is a new phishing email going the rounds - inviting you to download a form to obtain a new V3 CARTE VITALE within 24 hoursdo not click on link 

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i live near st emilion - but the aquitane site is south and dordonne is much closer. desperate to go jump around - or swim. anything near libourne, villefranch de lonchat? 

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I'm asking this for some friends-so please don't shoot me!! Friends have been here a couple of years. They are married. Did their first tax return this year. She wants to join the French health system. He has complex health needs and sees a UK specialist who he trusts and wants to remain with. At present he goes back to the UK to see this specialist on a regular basis. He does not wish to join the French health service. Question is-can she join without him or not-seeing as they have done a joint tax return? I can't find an answer. I've tried to tell him that the French health service is excellent but he places all his trust (obviously) in the specialist he is used to. 

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Hello allAny recommendations for a doctor in Sarlat please?  I would like to change from my current one....thanks!

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Does anyone have contact details for a good English speaking dentist in the Ste. Foy Le grande area.

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Does anyone know of any English speaking osteopath or professional that can assist with sport injury. Live in Les Eyzies but would travel if recommended.I hope someone can help.

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Hi does anyone know any company's that do the personal alarms for the elderly, my grandad is in jumiliac-le-grand area my man has just passed away so he is there on his own and not in the best of health, any replies would be greatly appreciated 

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Does anyone know what a "french polish"is in french?nail manicures,not furniture.Much appreciated.

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Why so moany Pyladune I remember seeing posts by you in the pasts offering to give various items away eg Magazines very generous,in a busy life,I am sure.  Think we would all feel better if we cheered up and looked forward instead of backward:Sorry to hear that you have been in hospital but obviously you are home now and why not rejoice that  and look forward to getting back to good health.    This is not a dress rehearsal !!!!!!Sorry if I came over a bit preachy but I was quite surprised by you responsesDo Come back AwayAway !!!!!!!!!Think this will come out as a separate discussion can't seem to get it right

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Has anyone used, or know of, a good trichologist who speaks reasonable English.  I need a diagnosis regarding sudden hair loss and medical detail is simply easier for me in English.  Hope someone can help me.

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Hi, wonder if anybody can help?  We are moving back to France later this year.  My husband has MS and I wondered if anybody else has had to deal with MS in France? How your treatment faired to the UK treatment and if you had problems getting your medication? Also is their any MS groups out there?   I would be grateful for any advice.  Thank you  

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Hello, can anyone help by giving me the name, address and tel no of a hairdresser who is able to do fine hilites/lowlites using meche or similar in the Montpon area?...willing to travel. Just had orange stripes which should have been dark and light natural looking colouring.

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Hello folks, hope you are all ok.  Anyone near Beynac who can tell me if the road is open now?  I came that way Wednesday 7th and it was closed and I had to go an awful long way round..... Thanks in advance for letting me know, I need to go that way tomorrow morning!!

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Hi, does anyone have contact emails, address please? Thanks

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Hi, just registered on here. We are in the process of moving over to Eymet from the UK and I was wondering if there are any groups that meet in the form of slimming  (world) type groups for support? I've lost 2.5 stone in the uk & don't really want to put it back on. When shopping, I don't really know what to look for in the form of low fat items due to translation. I've managed to find 0% yogurts. I do like to cook from scratch so using fresh ingredients is quite easy. We are currently travelling/living in a motorhome until the purchase goes through. This makes it restricting but not too bad. I would be grateful if anyone can advise me.

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Has anyone heard of CPAM 'holding' back €50 for Research purposes out of the monies you would expect to get back from them following Doctor's appointments?? We realised recently that when we've been to see our Doctor we aren't getting the money back from CPAM we had expected or had been told to expect by our top-up insurance company. On ringing CPAM we were told that they keep back €50 per person per annum for Research, we've never heard of this before and never been told this was the case so wondered if anyone else had come across this.

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I wondered if anyone knows of an English speaking female doctor in the Cenac et St Julien area. 

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I need to find a clinic urgently around the Marmande, Bergerac  areas that can carry out all the following tests : audiometry, spirometry, a basic musculoskeletal assessment as well as the standard medical (which includes urinalysis for blood, protein and glucose)

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A friend that is a paediatrician at the hospital in Villeneuve-sur-Lot has asked us if we know of anyone that may be of the A rhesus negative blood group as there is a baby that requires it at Angers Hospital (49Dept). Contact Fabienne HALOPEAU tel: 02 31 65 60 51. Or, you can ring the French Blood Bank on 02 35 60 50 50. The girl that requires the blood is Lucy and is one year old. Ideally, the donor would be less than 25 years of age.Thank you for your assistance.

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