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I can manage to mumble French at the dentists, but i now need to see an orthodontist for an adult brace and 'bite' treatment : / and as there are various options,non of which i understand i'd feel more comfortable seeing an English speaking one if possible. I'm near Limousin border / Brive but would travel within the aquaitaine, ideally 24 if poss'. I'm hoping someone might be able to recommend one, maybe someone's teenagers had braces? In hope!

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Can anyone recommend a good dentist in or near Ste. Foy La Grande. My wife and I do speak a little French and can just about "get by" but it would be useful to find a dentist who speaks English so that when our French gives up we can still communicate. Please remember the regulations and email replies. Thanks. Terry.Terry CorderyAnother retired teacher.

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Near to St Astier any help Thank you

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Dear All, Can anyone recommend a dentist in Perigueux/Thiviers area. Would prefer one who is particularly good with children (little one is 4 and is first visit to French dentist). With thanks,Bunny

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Hi I am looking for a child psychologist or pysychiatrist who specialises in cognative behaviour therapy and play therapy and also who is fluent in english. I know I am asking a lot but is there anybody out there who can help. It is extremely important. Many thanks

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I'm looking for recommendations for a good Dr who speaks fluent English, preferably mid or Northern Acquitaine.

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looking for chiropractioner or physiotherapist in or close to Bergerac..m.g.m

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Does anybody know an English speaking dentist in or around orthez cheers del

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Does anyone know of an English speaking Dentist? I live in the Duras area. PamelAnne

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If anyone knows any English speaking doctors in or around Miramont would they please email me with the location and name, as we are moving permanently to there in January.Many thanks,GordyGordon and Maggie

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Anybody know of a good chiropractor (not bone cruncher!) or sports masseur who can sort out skeletal and deep muscle problems within reach of Verteillac/ Riberac 24.

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Hi can anyone recommend an english speaking osteopath around the St Astier area? Thanks Amanda

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Looking for dentist who is "nervous patient friendly" Bergerac or surrounding area.Thanks

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Can anyone please recommend a good and child friendly dentist? Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a good english speaking doctor in the eymet area please. Thanks

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Would appreciate any info on English speaking Drs in Langon area (33)

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See the report in www.thetimes.co.uk under UK News section (at the left) about changes coming in end of September. This will affect a huge amount of people under retirement age and not working.

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Can anyone reccommend an english speaking dentist in the Nerac/vianne area. Failing that will travel upto about 1/2 hr. Oh..and a dentist that will work with children - I know some doctors won't, don't know if its the same with dentists. Many thanks sacha

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I have recently moved to St. Martial d'Artenset between Mussiden and Montpon, does can anyone e-mail me please with details of an english speaking doctor and dentist in the area. Thanks for any help

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Hi.can anybody tell me if the eye test is free in France like it is in the uk if you have diabetes.Thanks.jean

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