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Does anybody know one? Preferably in the North Dordogne area but I am not fussy!!Nettie

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I will be re-locating to France in the near future - between Sarlat (Dordogne) and Gourdon (Lot). I am in the middle of treatment which requires me to have three weekly infusions which I have to continue once I have moved. I need to find an English speaking doctor in the area and wonder if anyone can help with this, so I can hand over my records and get my further treatment arranged. I look forward to hearing from someone. Many thanks. Malecourse

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Does anyone know of an English speaking dentist in the Riberac, St. Astier, Perigueux areas. Thank you for any replies.

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Does anyone know of an English speaking sympathatic dentist, practising in the Perigieux area?Ena

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Hello ALLCan anyone help me Or does any one know of a child psychologist in bordeaux that speaks english.Thank youBell

started by: Cake-95936 · last update: 1170275028 · posted: 1170266157

Hi As title really - just broke a tooth on some French Stick!!! Not painful as yet but will need some attention. English speaking preferred, kind and gentle essential! Thanks Cake

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Hi Does anybody know a good English speaking Doctor in or around Bergerac, Preferably to the West of Bergerac? Please email me.LT

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking Doctor that they know in the locality of Montignac-le-Coq, 16390 St. Séverin. Charente. FranceMitze van Rixtel

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Hi, Does anyone know of a really good hairdresser between Marmande and Bordeaux? I am in need of a a decent haircut and need some recommendations! (French or English, I don't mind). Thanks for your help,

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Does anyone know of an English speaking doctor in the Gironde area?

started by: jacqui nagel-94854 · last update: 1158788982 · posted: 1158786868

Can anyone recommend an english speaking dentist for my partner in dept.24.He has tried one but found it strange that we had to ask for a scale and polish as it was not offered.Can anyone help please?

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I am living in Dept 47 ( near Marmande ) and I am looking to make contact with a good French qualified - fluent English speaking Psychiatrist ?? I have read that the Angloinfo can not by French law recommend any but can I ask through this forum if any members have any contacts ????? Your help will be appreciated .Allan in France

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Hi, I'm looking for an english speaking dentist in the Bordeaux or Pessac area, can anyone help me in this search? It is fairly urgent. Thank you. Francisco

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I am looking for an english speaking doctor in the Villeneuve sur Lot area but will be happy to travel. I need to discuss childrens vacinnes with a doctor and am not happy with the limited vocabulary I have with my local doctor.

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We are shortly moving to the Dordogne,near Souillac,if anyone knows of an English speaking doctor in this area,or Sarlat.please send me an email!

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Can anyone recommend an English Doctor located in the Bassin d'Arcachon? Thanks B

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Hi, does anyone know an English speaking doctor near to Mussidan? Thanks Sonia xnewly arrived (Aug '05)

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Can anyone please recommend a good English speaking lady doctor based in the Perigueux area.sue

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