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Can anyone recommend a Dentist who may have a little English AND be able to deal with a spineless wreck sitting in his chair please?

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Hi,Have been trying to get on to the European Healthcare cards part of the Ameli (CPAM) site. It's been down for a couple of days. Does anyone know if it's been working recently and this is just a glitch or, it it's one of these sites that always down. Thanks.

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We will be moving to the Thiviers area soon and I was wondering if there were any slimming clubs in the region.Thanks

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A lot of you probably know - I didn't, although it's logical really. I just didn't think about it.If you are living in France and are covered by an S1 you  need a UK EHIC card. A form should have been sent to you when you received your S1 forms. I didn't receive the form to apply for the card and have had a bit of panic having found out I was no longer covered by the French european health cover card.If you have recently received your S1 check if you received  your EHIC forms. If you didn't, ring Newcastle and ask for a card to be sent. They will do it over the phone if you have the relevant information (NI Number, name address and D.O.B). These ones last for five years.

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Anyone had surgery for basal cell carcinoma and knows how much it costs in France (or the UK)? I'm not resident full time in France (or UK).

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My husband has had sneezing, sniffles and 'cold' for 3 weeks, feels well but is annoyed with it, so we think it may b an allergy. He does not get hay fever and is on no other medication. Any suggestions for otc in Pharmacies please? Thank you. 

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I want to buy glucosamine & condroitin for vegetarians.Any vegetarians AI's that can recommend a supplier please?Gaul

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Hello, I am currently pregnant with my second child and looking to move to Montpellier/Nimes area. I currently live in the Dordogne and childbirth is seen as something extremely medicalised here. I was wondering whether anyone have given birth in the area, can recommend a good hospital OB/GYN? I would ideally like a birth where I can follow my own instincts and be an natural as possible. Thank you very much!Victoria

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I'm currently on a long term prescription in the UK. This year I'll be living in France for about 5 or 6 months. It appears the normal is to only issue a UK prescription for 3 months supply. If correct do I have to get a supply via a French chemist?  If so would I have to temporarily register with a French doctor?

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Does any know of a mobile manicurist in the Issigeac,/Villareal/Eymet areaThanks

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Does anybody know of an English speaking hairdresser near Belves

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looking for a dentist near St Foy....Castilon la Bataille.If he/she speaks English it would be good.

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Does anyone know of a Dentist around the Monflanquin/Fumel area who speaks English? Thanks ADMIN:If you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly in the Discussions.

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Can someone confirm the paperwork we need to register locally for the first time.  We have Carte Vitale and top up cover - anything else?

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In need a dentist with sone knowledge of english in the St Foy la Grade area or 15km round.   Pam.             Email sergepam@me.com----------------------- If you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly in the Discussions.Forum Admin

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Hello, anyone figured out if there is routine monitoring of people with type 2 diabetes and if so how to access the service? Looking for the equivalent of the 'normal' NHS system with checks of blood sugar levels, Retinopathy, feet etc. Any advice gratefully received.

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Having recently reached State Pension age and having been told by DWP (Department of Works & Pensions) that a Form S.1 is on way. In order to obtain my Carte Vitale l will need to deal with CPAM in Langon (33) l was hoping that someone has recently submitted the form and could advise on what the procedure is, what papers are required, whether any translation is needed and any problems you may have encountered and how you overcame them. I am already in possession of a Carte Vitale as a dependent of my wife (Ayant - Droit).I am also concerned that the triggering of Article 50 for Brexit may impact on the process.

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has anyone been there ? if so do they take cash or card and any idea of what they charge for wash, cut and blow dry?

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Could anyone advise where to get a blood test done in 24500? We are not with local Doctor & ours didn't know where to go in this area.Many thanksE.If you need to pm  - Paris01@gmx.com

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