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I have a reading glasses prescription. I want to change it to a computer glasses prescription. I really don't want to go back and make another appointment yet for a number of reasons.

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Has your doctor prescribed the drug statins for you?  If so you may find it useful to read the article at:http://www.healthscams.org.uk/are-statins-safe.html 

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My dentist here also cleans my teeth (not very well), are there not specialist hygienists available anywhere?

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I thought it might be useful if everybody shared their hospital or Clinique experiences , as there will come a time when we all need to use one or may have already In sw france.for example there are some hospitals that may just access you and send you on to a larger town to be treated , also the fact that different hospitals spécialisé in different parts of the body i.e. Heart / bones etc , and also in some towns the local fire brigade  uses their own ambulances to take you to hospital ( always a good idea to purchase one of their xmas calendars you never know when you may need them) , my husband recently had an eye operation in Bergerac in a specialist clinic an hour and a half from where we live, service was very good and no waiting around , as this op was urgent we had no news beforehand of what hospitals specialise in what , we went to Miramont  to Limborne to Bergerac . So I am taking notes and gathering all the information I can m as these things are important to me.i thank anyone in advance for any input

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I wonder if anyone could pm me if they know of an English speaking dentist in France area dept 47 or dept 24.. I will need some stuff done soon I am sure once I get my carte vitale , especially for a dentist who is good with nervous patients any help will be much appreciatedgracelily47@yahoo.com Admin message:If you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly in the Discussions.

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does anyone know where i can get my hearing aids repaired in the Bergerac area!many thanks.

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HelloCan anyone recommend a good Day Spa, where I can swim, sit in jet spa, followed by a massage and spend the day for some much overdo zen...Anywhere  40 kms radius Bergerac or down to marmande or Villereal way? thanks

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I live in the Bergerac area. Has anybody managed to get a simple eye test done in an opticians within the area. 

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A friend needs a echogram.Her small local clinic only does this procedure on two days of the week, so she cannot get a appointment for a month!My question is, can she go to any clinic, even into another department?Does anybody have experience of a fast service from any clinic in/near Perigueux/Angouleme?G

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I am trying to find a lighter face moisturiser and wondered if any ladies use Diadermine?

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At what age do you not need health insurance as an ex pat in France

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Hello. This seems to be a frequent topic, and I have heard recommendations cannot be given online, but does anyone know of a  dentist that will take new patients in the Ste Foy area? I can speak French, and I'm happy to travel. Let me know how I can contact you if you have advice. Thanks in advance.

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Hi can anyone tell me of an english speaking Nutritionist in the Duras region or Miramont,Eymet, 

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Hi, I made the mistake of using a local hairsalon who spent 4 minutes cutting my hair, charged €34 and it looks like Edward Scissorhands has been at it. There are only so many hats I can wear, so if anyone knows of a good salon or mobile hairdresser near Nontron, please let me know.The dogs even put there pas over their eyes when I walk in the room...

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Hi,I moved to Nontron a month ago with my partner. My partner works for a UK company and is paid from the UK, so therefore pays into the UK tax system. I do not work currently. I have been reading various websites regarding applying for a Carte Vitale but I'm going round in circles trying to establish if we are applicable for one, what tax we need to pay into and how much and where do we apply? Any help I would be really grateful for!

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Can anyone Who knows an English speaking doctor in Nerac pm me captaclifford@yahoo.com

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I've had a notification advising I can get a flu jab. What steps do I need to take to arrange this please?

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I need some furniture taking from Bergerac to Sussex,anyone do this sort of thing?Reccomendations please.

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Hi, does anyone know of a good practitioner of these treatments? Thankyou!

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