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I'm looking to borrow or hire an electric wheelchair for my sister while she is on holiday with us for the next two weeks (till 1 October), but the medical shops in Bergerac tell me they can't help.  Can anyone help either with information or even an electric wheelchair for her stay?  Thanks for any responses.

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does anyone know if new young dentist in duras speaks english - his name begins with L can't put the rest due friench regulations 

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years ago I claimed medical fees incurred in Europe back from the UK health service. I gather I now have to claim locally for EHIC.I am in Eymet does anybody know what the procedure is.

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Hello, I am just intrested in the thoughts of people with the regards to a new Chiropodist (feet doctor) Home Visit service that would cover from approx Limoges down to Sarlat .This is on behalf of a friend who is contemplating on moving to the Dordogne.The podiatrist / Chiropodist is fully UK trained and BscHonWould you use this Service?What would you be willing to pay?Do you wait to long for the French service?Would a regular bi-weekly or monthly clinic be of interest?thanks in advance for any reply's  

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Most of us know that it is difficult to find any Medecine Generalist let alone one who speaks English, who will take on new patients and the average age of those Doctors is 60-62 years old, but I am dumbfounded ....I have just picked up our local newspaper, L'Essor Sarladais, and summarise the following article in black on white:-Dordogne - end of 2015= 416 909 inhabitants- 8.5 general doctors for 10 000 inhabitants (9.3 national average)Sarladais area - 1st Jan 2016 - 24 general doctors or 7.5 for 10 000 inhabitantsFor other communes and towns and you can read French, have a cup of tea or other, sit down and read page 3!Hope we, as patients, don't get bird flu or we shall all be put down before we can fly off elsewhere!!!!

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HelloCan anyone help?My husband and myself are pre-retired and are in the French health after the 5 years rule.  We normally receive a bill for cotisation payments from URSSAF, which we pay every quarter.  This year we have not received any notification/bill as to when it needs to be payed.  I was wandering if they have decided to add it onto the tax bill?Is anyone else in the same situation as us?RegardsJoan

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I have recently been requested to see Dr Levy at Clinic Francaise. (Chirurgie orthopedique et Traumatologie dept) )Before I attend the RDV.  please can anyone tell me if he/she has a notion of English.  I can get by with my French but sometime Technical details are difficult to convey.     Merci B!

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Any recommendations for yoga and meditation teachers within, say, 40 km of here (Lalinde, 24)? Yes, I've looked through the Directory and will be in touch with people there. Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone please recommend an english speaking dentist in the Ste. Foy Le Grande area.

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Hello. We wonder if there is a GYM personal trainer Pilates etc in the Eymet Bergerac area?

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We're moving to the Monestier area a few days before my 10 year old starts at school. I'm told by the Directrice he needs a new DTP Polio to be in line with French regs. As he's not due to have another in the UK until he's 14, they won't do it here before we go.How difficult is it to find a surgery taking new patients on? And how to register with no 'secu' number and no fixed residence, as we're in holiday accommodation until mid-Oct.Any advice greatly appreciated.Thanks 

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Can anyone tell me where I can have a facial mole removed in Dordogne/Lot et Garonne/Lot please?  Thank you.

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Can anyone recommend a dentist who offers reasonably priced effective teeth whitening?  Many thanks.

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Looking for a dentist preferably with some dentistry English.  Bergerac or Eymet/Issigeac areaThanks

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We recently consulted Marian Blake the optician in Eymet.  My wife has a problem with her eyes and is receiving treatment from a French orthomalogist with whom we have no complaint.  However, we had reached a point where we needed to be able to discuss the treatment in more detail and in our own language.  We found Marion Blake exceptionally helpful and able to explain the cause of the problem to us in layman's language while also recommending some extra self help which has already proved advantageous.  She was unhurried and most willing to answer our questions in detail that we could fully understand.  We found our visit thoroughly consructive and would strongly recommend her.

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Hi,  Can anyone recommend an english speaking general practioner in and around the Riberac area.  Many Thanks 

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Could anyone recommend a good physiotherapist located in the Couze, Lalinde, Bergerac, Beaumont, Issigeac area please?

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Hello,Does anybody know if it's possible to buy a nebuliser here in France, and the cost?Many thanksGaul

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