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Hello,Does anybody know if it's possible to buy a nebuliser here in France, and the cost?Many thanksGaul

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Hi, Im looking for a english speaking doctor, close to Riberac, Vertilliac areas. Any help would be appreciated :)Thanks in advanceMike

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Hi,Would anyone be able to recommend a good doctor near the Monflanquin area who also may be able to speak a bit of English.Thanks

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for the last few years I've waited to go back to England for eye tests and glasses/lenses but am now too busy working. Does anyone know how I go about getting an eye test & the cost etc. Any recommendations of opticians who speak at least a smattering of English in the Sarlat/Le Bugue or Perigueux  area.thanks for any help you can offer.

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Members may be glad to know that there is now an English optician (not English speaking) working at the opticians OPTIC 2000 opposite the church at 1 rue de la Resistance in Bergerac.  She is bi-lingual and very helpful.

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Looking for a good cutter Bergerac Eymet area

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Does anyone know of a mobile hairdresser in the Monpazier area or can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in the town itself?

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Are you looking for an online psychotherapist?  I am a therapist in Belgium, and I practice online.  I do traditional therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral, or solution-focused therapy, but I also do EMDR (Eye Movement De-Sensitization and Reprocessing).  In particular, I have been very successful with Smoking Cessation and Ending Food Cravings/Weight Loss Assistance.  But, I also work with individuals or couples regarding depression, anxiety, relationships, grief and loss, etc.  You can write to me at wasmesfamilycounseling@yahoo.com or go to my FB page Wasmes Family Counseling.  All of my services are considered to be fee-for-service and payment is due at the time of the service, via paypal.  You really can start feeling better today. 

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Can anybody recommend me to a specialist in the Bergerac/Perigueux/Libourne area, please? My late husband saw one at the clinic opposite the hospital in  Bergerac but we weren't terribly impressed so a recoomendation would be good. English speaking not a requirement.Thanks

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Can anyone advise the procedure please? I am currently with RSI but have closed my French business and I guess I nees to move to Cpam or similar. Is it easy and as I said does anyone know the procedure.ThanksAndrew

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My wife and I are considering a mutuelle to cover us, should we be faced with high hospital charges. We are both retired and have had our carte vitales for 8 years or so.Our concern is how the amount refunded is calculated, particularly if the event in question carried a high cost. Can anyone please give an idea? Maybe we can say the mutuelle advertises 200% cover. Let us say that a hospital stay for a serious event has a cost of €60000. I understand CPAM would refund 80%, but how much of the remaining €12000 would be paid? And when do the mutuelle and  CPAM 'pay'? I realise this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question, but perhaps someone would shed some light, please?

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Hi, my name is Nikki and I have just moved here from the UK.I am a qualified hairdresser, having had my own business in the UK, and I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a hairdressing wholesaler, such as salon Supplies, or Sally's in UK where I may be able to buy stock. Colours etc.I also need to equip a small salon if anyone knows where I may source any new or good condition used salon furniture.Many thanksNikki(Villefranche Du Perigord, 24550)

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Can any one recommend an english speaking gynecologist in nerac 47600

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I would appreciate any guidance or observations on insurance, legalities, buying, running, owning and maintaining a mobility scooter in France. They are, I know, much cheaper to buy in the UK, which is possible, but obviously maintenance in France is a must. I know that I want a large wheel (4 off) scooter to use when visiting vide greniers and the shops, comfort and reliability being the criteria. Thank you

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We are moving to France this Summer and have a question regarding applying for the Carte Vitale.As I understand the process we are able to receive a carte vitale after residing for 3 months and meeting the requirements.  So for the initial 3 months I'm assuming we need private medical insurance to cover us until acceptance? 

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Could anyone advise me if there is an English speaking doctor in Le Buisson.  Many thanks.

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Hi i have a bad back does anybody know an english speaking chiropractor/osteopath in the sarlat caneda area.thanks.

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Yesterday went to Salon Concept in Sarlat, it was reccomondation from angloinfo. The owner Johnny is french and speaks english. He did a fantastic job for me, his team is great and I shall return for my next visit.Nancy

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