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I am about to have a procedure at the spinal clinic in Bordeaux, and I wondered if anyone has had this procedure and could tell me what to expect and if it is a painful experience.

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Does a 'Carte Vitale' and/or a 'Mutuelle' offer any health cover in any other EU countries during a holiday ?  If not , is it necessary to take out private health insurance for the duration of the visit. 

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Does anybody know of an English speaking dentist near Monflanquin as ours has just retired.  Prepared to travel up to l hour to find a good one.  All the ones i have heard of are booked up for months.

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Hi,Does anyone know where i may be able to join a yoga class.  I live close to Beaumont 24440 but am also prepared to travel.Many thanks in advance

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I have received the "Attestation de droits" from CPAM but am not sure how this leads on to getting the actual Carte Vitale. Any knowledge welcome Thanks

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I live in the Le Bugue area, and am looking for a good, creative hairstylist. Can anyone recommend anyone? I am happy to drive a distance of approximately 30 - 40 minutes from home.

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After telephing CPAM  &  DWP I am not really thinking I have the right info as I am confused... We are permanently moving toFrance this    year both being under uk retirement age by 5 & 7 years respectively , we have paid our 35 years of NI Contributions in uk. I spoke to DWP first they said we are not entitled to a S1 form as we are under uk retirement age, CPAM told me to ring DWP and ask first.. CPAM office told me that to get on healthcare system ( then would buy a top up for remaining 30 percent ) we would need  bring our uk earnings proof and then pay 8  percent of our earnings ( that we've already paid uk tax on for 2015 ) less the French allowance of 9k euros each .. Then in subsequent years if we are not working will have to pay 8 percent on our savings to stay on French healthcare system less 9 k euro allowance each..so im thinking  it may be cheaper to buy private healthcare, as we would pay a bigger sum on our life savings im guessing. i had also heard about setting up a micro  buisness  as my husband does consultancy from time to time in eu  though not permanent was wondering if that was a better option for us but not sure if the earnings, if and when they happen would generate enough income to warrant a micro buisness. has anyone had any similar experiences, I'm unsure totally now

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Hi everyone, please can anyone inform me as to the new regs for cpam that came into being this year...very many thanx

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Can somebody please help me find a wholesaler of beautician products? I am going around in circles trying to search online. I am happy to travel or if anybody knows of a online company. Many thanks Gaul 24110 

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Hi   Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know contact details for a supplier of Dead Sea Spa Magik products near Bergerac, please? I purchased some items in November at the health exhibition held in Monbazillac but have, sadly, lost the lady's contact details. I believe she lived near Le Fleix. Any assistance would be great as the creams have really helped my troublesome excema problem. Thank you, in advance. deems

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Hi,   I tried calling the 'supposedly' English speaking CPAM help line (3646) and only seem to get a pre-recorded french announcement, the spoken french is too fast for me to understand most of it. Any suggestions? Regards   Andy

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Hi There will be a yoga class starting near Montpon from Monday 5th October from 1.30pm until 3.00pm. Open to all regardless of age, experience or gender. If you are interested please contact me and I will forward more details (I have no financial interest in the class just trying to let everyone know about it). Thanks, Angela

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Hello all, Can anyone help me (Email of PM) with the name and tel,nr. of an English-speaking dentist in Villeneuve Sur Lot (or surroundings). Would be niver even if he/she uses 3-D, but that might be too much of a desire. It is urgent. Thanks in advance.  Gert

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Hi  does anyone know where I can get a Carte Vitale photo done near Montpon please? Many thanks

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Hi - does anyone know of the name of a Densist around Port Ste Foy/Ste Foy/Castillon, areas who speaks english - even if it's a little bit. thanks  

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My OH has been to register with a GP in Duras today and needs to have a blood test but is unsure where to go for this. If you are with this practice please can you advise. Thank you.

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Anyone know if you can get it in the pharmacy here?   Thanks

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Anyone know of a good masseur to iron out the aches and pains? Ste Foy, Duras area. Thanks.

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking doctor anywhere near Le Fleix?

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