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We are very sadly selling our house in the Perigord after 30 happy years and have a lot of good quality household items, bedding, linen, clothes etc which need rehoming. I am loathe to just send them to the tip as somewhere there might be someone who could use them. Does anybody know of a charity which might be able to make use of the ?

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Stay well clear of Transition Removals. Vile vile people. Worst experience of my life having to deal with them.

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Anyone recommend a decent contractor in Lauzun area for drive/pathway work in calke & fine gravel?  Any help much appreciated.

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i want to gain some information on either hourly wage for certain services or were i might be able to find this informationi am looking at buying a farmhouse for a hospitality-based business and just looking at the service overheads needed i hope you might be able to help me out thanks 

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Hi, does anyone know of a farmer in the Sarlat region who would be able to cut (and bale and keep the grass) our land of 1.2 hectares and then plow a 3000 square meter area? We need to plow every two weeks, three times altogether,  We're working in Normandy at the moment until we can move so trying to find someone is a bit difficult..any help or direction would be really appreciated.  Thank you

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I am restoring a traditional stone barn and need some stone blocks (stone typical of  Bergerac area) to rebuild a doorway. I need several cut blocks, preferably old and weathered, about 35 cm deep ( similar height and width), to match existing. Does anyone have such material for sale (tumbled down barn/building ?) or know of where such reclaimed materials can be sourced in the Bergerac area ?

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Hi, before I try buying a converter I would like to check if anyone has a good supplier in the Dordogne?  It’s needed for a US vacuum cleaner hubby just bought me. The electricians here near me were unsympathetic and of no help whatsoever. All answers gratefully received.

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Hi, Can anyone help? I need a roofer to renew the flashing around my chimney, make the chimney safe, check over my roof and drop a flue down the chimney.   Im in Loubressac, LOT, 46130or... scaffolding (so we can do the job ourself)Any recommendations on roofers, scaffolders out there?Thank you

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Hello would anyone know of a biro broyeau service local to 33220 Saint-Avit-Saint-Nazaire? A half heactare of land that needs clearing.Thank you

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We are a retired couple with no animals and we are looking for a rental property in Eymet or thesurrounding areas.Our home here in Brittany is now ‘sous compromis’ so we arelooking for a long-term, maybe 15-18 months, whilst our new home is being builtin Eymet.We prefer unfurnished but are happy to accept furnishedproviding there is some space, like a garage or large shed, for storagepurposes.Ideally we would like from about mid August. Thank you.email: bonowil01@outlook.com  

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HiLooking for an Aga engineer to assemble a 3 oven electric AIMS aga near Buisson De Cadouin (30 mins east of Bergerac). Any contacts?Many thanks,

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Hello, We are looking for a gardener that can do basic lawn and hedge trimming etc in Angoisse 24270.If anybody can assist with a contact we would greatly appreciate it.Best,Marvin and Sarah Ashton

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We have  up to 12 boxes  (only ) no furniture we need to get back to uk can any body help .??

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Can anyone advise me where we can buy a  chimney cap for a large rectangular chimney please? 

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Would be most grateful for any advice on where to buy and the best method of fixing composite decking.  Also which make is regarded as being good value for money. I have so far been advised not to buy the hollow decking, it is prone to impact damage, but to buy a solid decking containing between 50 and 65% wood which is stronger and less likely to warp or look too 'plasticy'. I have read a number of reviews on the french websites.  The reviewers generally do not have many positive comments about the various clip fixings.  I would rather not drill and screw the boards if I can help it but if the other fixings, which do look a bit fiddly, are not man enough for the job, especially for steps, then may be I should. Any advice would be appreciated especially from anyone who has used this material.  Thanks in advance.

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HelloIs there anyone who is able to help out with pool maintenance near Issigeac? The pool is a DESJOYAUX system......Thanks

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We just bought a house near Monflanquin (47). There is a very nice AGA cooker but we don't want to keep it. For sale...Electric AGA cooker 3 ovens. Black.AccessoriesVery nice, perfect working condition.Excellent condition, enamel very clean.No delivery, you must move the cooker by yourself (disassembly and reassembly).Price : 3.000 EURPhone number will be provided if you are interested.Kind regards

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Where can I order and buy some good quality oil-based wood paint - for external use on garage doors and wooden gates? The colours need to be broadly in line with Bâtiments de France colours.Any help and/or advice gratefully received.

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I have a detached holiday house near Cours-de-Pile just outside Bergerac. There is an area of lawn approx 30 x 60 metres including the house footprint and the drive, which has not been cut since early November. I had intended to visit this week to do a bit of maintenance work but, for obvious reasons, this has been postponed. Could anyone recommend someone, who would be able to cut the lawn and, if so, could you let me have contact details?David CheadleBathUK

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