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We have  up to 12 boxes  (only ) no furniture we need to get back to uk can any body help .??

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Can anyone advise me where we can buy a  chimney cap for a large rectangular chimney please? 

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Would be most grateful for any advice on where to buy and the best method of fixing composite decking.  Also which make is regarded as being good value for money. I have so far been advised not to buy the hollow decking, it is prone to impact damage, but to buy a solid decking containing between 50 and 65% wood which is stronger and less likely to warp or look too 'plasticy'. I have read a number of reviews on the french websites.  The reviewers generally do not have many positive comments about the various clip fixings.  I would rather not drill and screw the boards if I can help it but if the other fixings, which do look a bit fiddly, are not man enough for the job, especially for steps, then may be I should. Any advice would be appreciated especially from anyone who has used this material.  Thanks in advance.

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HelloIs there anyone who is able to help out with pool maintenance near Issigeac? The pool is a DESJOYAUX system......Thanks

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We just bought a house near Monflanquin (47). There is a very nice AGA cooker but we don't want to keep it. For sale...Electric AGA cooker 3 ovens. Black.AccessoriesVery nice, perfect working condition.Excellent condition, enamel very clean.No delivery, you must move the cooker by yourself (disassembly and reassembly).Price : 3.000 EURPhone number will be provided if you are interested.Kind regards

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Where can I order and buy some good quality oil-based wood paint - for external use on garage doors and wooden gates? The colours need to be broadly in line with Bâtiments de France colours.Any help and/or advice gratefully received.

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I have a detached holiday house near Cours-de-Pile just outside Bergerac. There is an area of lawn approx 30 x 60 metres including the house footprint and the drive, which has not been cut since early November. I had intended to visit this week to do a bit of maintenance work but, for obvious reasons, this has been postponed. Could anyone recommend someone, who would be able to cut the lawn and, if so, could you let me have contact details?David CheadleBathUK

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Hi Could I have your help in finding someone who I could hire a petrol strimmer from please. Although if there is someone out there who can repair gardening equipment it would be handy too as i have a strimmer which requires a new head attachment.  Just a bought a house in 33220 Saint-Avit-Saint Nazaire and there are certain areas on the land that are really uneven and a strimmer is the only thing that may work there.  Thank youImtiaz

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I have had an Orange internet connection using my laptop and a livebox for about 10 years and it is time to replace the laptop and install the internet connection onto the new laptop. I still have the original installation disk and wonder if it would be possible to use it with the new laptop. It not should I ask Orange for a new disk or is it possible to download the current software from the internet?

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Hi, I am looking to relocate to the Dordogne early next year and its imperative that the house we buy has a good internet connection with good speed as both my partner and I need to download sizeable documents and hold zoom meetings for our work. Can anyone suggest an area or tips for finding this out? Thanks :-)

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I am bringing an electric Aga from the uk.  Does anyone know of an Aga fitter near Bergerac

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Hi All,As a recent mover to France, we had a SOSH Phone/ADSL package set up i.e the normal 19.99 euro option.I bought both a cabled Alcatel Temporis 10 and a Pansonic DECT phone pack.We have only tried the Alcatel so far, but it only seems to work (i.e dial tone) when plugged directly into the livebox.Is this because we have unwittingly just bought an ADSL connection and the livebox adds the phone component? Is there anyway of getting the fixed phone working at the same time as the other phone? i.e both plugged in and both able to make calls/receive them - although clearly only one at a time.Otherwise quite limiting .....Thanks

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We have just bought a property near villeneuve sur lot. We are need to change a number of wooden french doors. We will be replacing them with white pvc equivalent doors as a number of the windows had been replaced with white pvc by the previous owner. Any suggestions as to where to source french doors in the Lot area. The french doors have georgian bars on them. 

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We have an overhead power cable running across our land that feeds our property and carries on to our neighbour. It was damaged this winter during the storms so Enedis want to install some extra poles along the line to make it stronger. They've sent us a plan + description of what work they intend to undertake & asked us to sign a contract (sample here on their website file:///C:/Users/x/Downloads/Convention_Enedis-annexe.pdf). We are off grid so don't actually have the electricity connected but don't have a problem with the extra poles if it's going to make the line more reliable for our neighbour. However we are uncomfortable with some of the terms in the contract especially those concerning 'obligations du propriétaire'. Do we need to sign this contract? Can we pen through the parts we are not happy with! Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Where is the best place to have sandstone rocks/blocks delivered from??

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Hi I’m looking for a bit of advice I want to run a electrical cable from the garage to my outside shed around 50metres away . I need enough power to run power for a swimming pool and also alight and a few sockets my intention is to run it underground does anyone know what sort of cable I need to do this thks rob 

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I need n English Speaking Engineer who can fix and service our Oil Burning Boiler as it has decided to take a rest. We are located near to Monflanquin and need the help now or as close to now as possible.

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HiAnyone know a company in the Le Bugue area that installs drive way gates?Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a good and reliable gite cleaning service near Villereal?

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Can anyone recommend a good and reliable gite cleaning service near Villereal?

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