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Hi, I am looking to relocate to the Dordogne early next year and its imperative that the house we buy has a good internet connection with good speed as both my partner and I need to download sizeable documents and hold zoom meetings for our work. Can anyone suggest an area or tips for finding this out? Thanks :-)

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Hi Naomi,

You probably haven't received a reply, because people only tend to know what service they get on their road.

Im a network engineer by trade so i think i should at least try to reply to you.

I had the same concern coming over, my internet connection is imperative for my work supporting huge computer networks.

If this was england you would be able to get speed quotes before you took a service, and im sure you dont need a landline to do so.  No reason you cant do this check in France. 

There's is a big drive to improve the internet speeds to all.  

Otherwise you can work on the rule of thumb that the more rural you live the further away from your exchange you'll be 

There is one more, and perhaps the most important point.  You can have a 4g router & antenna installed.  I get around 15mg on my landline and consistently over 100mg over my 4g.  One mistake i made was trying to find a sim card with unlimited data.  At least you know this is an option and its very easy to find where your local masts are.

Any q's ping me


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Hi Neil and thank you so much for your reply!  This is all something to take into consideration whilst house hunting. I'll no doubt ping you again :-)


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If you Google, 'Deploiement de la fibre' you'll get lots of leads such as:

You can put in an address to see what internet speeds you can expect to get.

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Oh great thanks for that BandT!

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You do fully understand that next year the UK will not be part of the EU so you will probably need a Visa to move to France as say people from the US do now and that these are only issued if certain conditions apply?

And are you also aware that if you are working in France even remotely you will need to set up a French business entity in order to legally working and pay French tax and cotisations? It is no longer a case of just moving anymore there are hoops to be jumped through

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