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Would be most grateful for any advice on where to buy and the best method of fixing composite decking.  Also which make is regarded as being good value for money. I have so far been advised not to buy the hollow decking, it is prone to impact damage, but to buy a solid decking containing between 50 and 65% wood which is stronger and less likely to warp or look too 'plasticy'. I have read a number of reviews on the french websites.  The reviewers generally do not have many positive comments about the various clip fixings.  I would rather not drill and screw the boards if I can help it but if the other fixings, which do look a bit fiddly, are not man enough for the job, especially for steps, then may be I should. Any advice would be appreciated especially from anyone who has used this material.  Thanks in advance.

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There is a reasonable step by step information sheet here which you could use as a guide although it is designed to sell you the stuff.

However, without wanting to sound negative we had a friend who laid a wooden decking around his pool and with the extremes of temperature, within 1 year, sections had lifted and several of the screws had snapped.  He also ended up with a lot of animals nesting underneath from voles to rabbits.  Have you though about laying a concrete slab and then tiling it with 25mm outdoor composite tiles.  Once you have treated them with a paving block sealer they are virtually maintenance free, where as wood will need a lot of annual upkeep.


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Thanks for your useful tips.  I was not intending to use timber decking but composite decking which I understand is less likely to warp and does not need much maintenance.

Your comment about your friend who found various animals nesting under the decking is well made and we will make sure our terrier has access underneath the decking to flush out any unwanted visitors!

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We wanted to purchase a large quantity of composite decking from a good quality store in Perigueux, however they advised us against it as we wanted to suspend part of it (only part of it).  It has to be laid on flat ground with a base preferably in concrete or a solid gravel base or it will warp.  They advised us that it was worse than wood! 

There are also various quaities and most recommend a support every 30cm, which adds to the base cost.

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