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Hi, does anyone know of a farmer in the Sarlat region who would be able to cut (and bale and keep the grass) our land of 1.2 hectares and then plow a 3000 square meter area? We need to plow every two weeks, three times altogether,  We're working in Normandy at the moment until we can move so trying to find someone is a bit difficult..any help or direction would be really appreciated.  Thank you

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Melou 1627372265

Hi Moraig

Just a hectare is a very small area to cut & bale - even with this year's plentiful rain it won't provide much hay; equally, having to return three times to plough a little area is not attractive work. You will need to pay for this. Also I think you need to find a close neighbour for this kind of hassle - you won't get 'someone from the Sarlat region'.

I suggest that you contact your Mairie down here, and ask them for help - and to suggest how much you will need to pay for it.    

Moraig-989721 1627373212

Thanks for your reply, really appreciate it.  The hectare and a bit has been cut and baled by a farmer for the last 6 years, we just don't know who it is... but it was cut and baled regularly so it must have been worth his while to do.  I'm waiting for a reply from the Mairie but really appreciate you taking the time to give your input.  Have a great day.

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