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i want to gain some information on either hourly wage for certain services or were i might be able to find this informationi am looking at buying a farmhouse for a hospitality-based business and just looking at the service overheads needed i hope you might be able to help me out thanks 

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Melou 1627372650

Hi Paul

It depends what you mean by 'hospitality services' - just massage; or the whole deal?

Seriously, though - you need to define your question. A gardener is one thing; changeover staff another; pool maintenance even more expensive . . .  what is it you actually want?

Matthew -Parris-992373 1627483853

Firstly do you intend to employ anyone? If so then the minimum wage is E10.25 an hour On top of this you will have to pay things like health care and other social charges for your employees but be aware that employing people is a minefield as you have to have a contract it is nearly impossible to sack them etc 

The other way if you are looking to employ staff on an occasional basis is to use the CESU system This is often used for cleaners gardeners etc who have several clients Basically you get a special cheque book and pay your staff using this and the bank adds on the appropriate employee deductions However it can only be used for occasional staff not regular employment even on a seasonal basis 

Finally if you are looking for building type work this is usually priced up as a whole job and not by the hour 

Also you will need to register with the Mairie and collect and pay any relevant taxe de sejour and of course there are usual overheads of linen, breakfasts etc 

If you do not have a WA residents card then assuming that you are a non EU citizen you will need a Visa allowing you to work and to get this for hospiltality you will need a business plan 

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