Oil-based wood paint

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Where can I order and buy some good quality oil-based wood paint - for external use on garage doors and wooden gates? The colours need to be broadly in line with Bâtiments de France colours.Any help and/or advice gratefully received.

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Belinda-115688 1606824980

Hi Margot

If you want top-end paint you can find Farrow & Ball in Eymet - and all Bricos do oil-based paint, both in whatever ranges they stock, and also in the huge machine-mixed 'colouriser' version - every colour that you can think of. 

The French don't tend to use an undercoat with gloss, which really is a mistake. 'Souscouche' will not do the job satisfactorily on external painting - try using a primer instead. 

I have found that UK paint (which is so much cheaper) does not survive well on external surfaces down in SW France - it is formulated differently, I think.

Margot-117565 1606905179

Hi Belinda

Thank you for your comments - much appreciated.

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